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If you’re into any of these things, Apple thinks you’re a ‘hipster’


Are you a hipster? Better check the list.
Are you a hipster? Better check the list.
Photo: iiii iiii@pexels.com

You might ride around on an electric scooter in your shades and flannel shirt while sporting copious amounts of sculpted facial hair, but are you a hipster?

In certain neighborhoods of New York City or San Francisco, it may be a foregone conclusion. It’s practically mandatory. But others might wonder if they qualify.

Thankfully, a special list of “hipster words” has surfaced. And it comes from Apple, of all places.

Twitter will ‘probably never’ let you edit your tweets, CEO says


Twitter has changed its mind on deleting inactive user accounts (for now)
Twitter is crushing dreams in 2020.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey this week warned that Twitter will “probably never” let you edit your tweets.

Editing has long been the most-requested feature among the Twitter community. But despite making some “practical considerations,” the micro-blogging network has dashed hopes it will ever happen.

Huawei punishes employees over iPhone tweet


Huawei P20 Pro
It’s just a backup plan for now.
Photo: Huawei

Huawei has demoted two employees over a Twitter update sent from an iPhone.

The New Year message, which has since been deleted, was mocked for being published “via Twitter for iPhone.” But Huawei isn’t the only smartphone maker that’s been caught using a rival’s devices.

Samsung slips up with another tweet from iPhone


Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Oops! They did it again!
Photo: Samsung

Samsung has been caught tweeting from an iPhone … again.

The South Korean company used an Apple device to publish a message promoting the Galaxy Note 9’s edge-to-edge display. The monumental gaffe led to the temporary but complete deactivation of the Samsung Mobile Nigeria account.

Twitter flips out over mysterious Tim Cook tweet


Tim's got a lot to be happy about.
Tim's got a lot to be happy about.
Photo: Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook set Twitter ablaze with speculation today — and all it took was a simple smiley face emoji.

Cook sent out a tweet with just a smiley face emoji this morning. No other context was provided, and the tweet got deleted shortly later, leading Apple fans on Twitter to wonder what the most powerful man in tech was really trying to say.

These are the most popular theories: