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Triple-lens iPhone may arrive way sooner than expected


triple-lens iPhone
Huawei made the jump from two lenses, left, to three. Will Apple do it this year?
Photo: Huawei

Another day, another analyst, another report speculating about a future iPhone with three lenses.

A Korean newspaper reporting on an expected Samsung Galaxy S10 with three rear-facing cameras casually mentioned Apple’s first planned three-lens iPhone will be an iPhone X Plus that could launch as early as this year.

Triple-lens iPhone could dominate AR


multi-camera smartphones
Imaging the iPhone with three lenses.
Photo: iDrop News/Martin Hajek

Rumors of Apple introducing a triple-lens iPhone in 2019 is picking up steam after an analyst told investors the three lenses were a likely push to make the iPhone the top augment reality device.

Jialin Lu, a Deutsche Securities analyst, is among the latest in a number of tech observers who believe Apple is planning a three-lens rear camera set-up, though some speculate the third lens may be added to expand the reach of the handset’s zoom function.