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Shanghai company creates a golden Steve Jobs bust to inspire its workers


Steve Jobs was anything but a bust as CEO.
Steve Jobs was anything but a bust as CEO.
Photo: China News

Steve Jobs passed away almost four years ago, and people are still unveiling tributes to Apple’s late co-founder.

The latest is from a Shanghai company that created a gold bust of Jobs to greet employees as they sign in for work each day. The idea behind it is reportedly to “[inspire] in employees Jobs’s insistence on finding the best way to do something.”

Like sign in to work, presumably.

The Flaming Lips Will Cover The Beatles’ ‘Revolution’ as Tribute to Steve Jobs



Steve Jobs was a massive fan of English rock band The Beatles, and once revealed in an interview for 60 Minutes that his business plan was inspired by the group. To honor Steve’s life and his achievements, The Flaming Lips will provide a special performance at the O Music Awards on October 31 where they will perform a cover of The Beatles‘ “Revolution”.

Steve Jobs Tribute Cases Are Now Available for Your New iPhone 4S



Unfortunately, Steve Jobs passed away before the hugely successful launch of the iPhone 4S last Friday, but we’re certain he had lots of time to play around with it while it was in testing at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. If you’d like to use your shiny new device to pay your respects to its creator, these Steve tribute cases that were found in Thailand should do the trick.