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Every True Apple Fan Should Have This Steve Jobs Poster Hanging On Their Wall [Kickstarter]


Steve Jobs & Nose Jobs. Photo by Tom Zimberoff.
Steve Jobs & Nose Jobs. Now available on Kickstarter. Photo by Tom Zimberoff.

If you read my story about the story behind an incredible photograph of Steve Jobs wearing Groucho glasses during his wilderness years came to being, you might be interested in this: Tom Zimberoff, the photographer behind the shot, has a Kickstarter trying to get funding of a poster version of the shot off the ground.

You should really consider chipping in if you’re a fan of Steve. For $25, you’ll get an 18×24 inch poster of one of two Steve Jobs shots, and if you don’t like that, there’s a poster of George Lucas and Yoda wearing Groucho glasses you can buy instead.

I really love Zimberoff’s work, and with nine days left on this Kickstarter, I really hope it gets off the ground. This is a photo that deserves to be hung on every true Apple fan’s office wall.

Source: Kickstarter

Nose Jobs: The Story Behind The Most Incredible Steve Jobs Photo You’ve Never Seen [Feature]


Nose Jobs, © 1989 - 2013 Tom Zimberoff (all publication rights reserved)

Buck’s of Woodside doesn’t just serve eggs or coffee or toast. It serves you biomechanical sharks and surfing crocodiles. Sometimes, it even serves you up a photograph of Steve Jobs so incredible, so deserved of being considered iconic, that you simply can’t believe that no one has ever even heard of it. But for twenty-three years, no one has.