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Russo brothers’ victory lap turns sour with excruciating Cherry [Apple TV+ review]


Tom Holland in Cherry
Even Spider-Man can't save this disaster.
Photo: Apple TV+

After years of shepherding the Marvel Cinematic Universe to its first major climax, directors Joe and Anthony Russo decided to make one of the proverbial “one for us” movies — as in “one for them, one for us.”

It’s a classic Hollywood strategy, where filmmakers follow up a moneymaking blockbuster with a personal project that’s more like an indie flick. The trouble with the Russo brothers “one for us” movie — a drama called Cherry, comes to Apple TV+ today — is that the “us” in this case possess no style, no ideology, no ideas and no ambition. Cherry is a total waste of $10 million and 2-and-a-half hours of screen time.

See Tom Holland’s polite but disturbed bank robber in Cherry trailer for Apple TV+


‘Cherry’ starring Tom Holland debuts on Apple TV+ in March 2021.
Tom Holland plays a drug-addicted bank robber in ‘Cherry’ on Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple

Apple premiered the first trailer for Cherry, a drama starring Tom Holland, on Thursday. Although best known for playing Spider-Man, Holland’s upcoming film is far grittier, telling the story of an Iraq war veteran with PTSD who spirals into drug addiction and bank robbery.

The movie is coming to theaters in February and Apple TV+ in the spring.

Watch the trailer now: