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Withings Internet Connected Baby and Toddler Scale Saves You Trips To The Doctor [CES 2012]




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – With an eye on improving the way parents monitor their children’s health, French company Withings announced their Internet-connected baby and toddler scale, the Withings Smart Baby Scale. Providing a new way to monitor children’s growth, from birth to age 8, the Withings Smart Baby Scale integrates with iOS via the WiScale App that gives parents quick access to growth statistics to monitor their child’s health and compare measurements with child growth health standards.

Amazing Videos Of Toddlers Mastering The iPad




These toddlers can barely speak, but they sure can rock an iPad.

Check out the video above. In it, two-year-old Bridger shows his mastery of the iPad. Just watch him swipe his way through the Home screen to find the app he wants.

The videos in this post are just a sample of many toddler videos on YouTube, demonstrating the unbelievable ease two- and three-year olds have mastering the iPad.

Here’s a 17-month old: