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We may be waiting until 2021 to get our super-fast 5G iPhone


2020 could be Apple's greatest year so far
We can't wait for the super-fast 5G iPhone.
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Some reports have suggested that a 5G iPhone may arrive this year (not likely) or next (a lot more likely). However, UBS analyst Tim Arcuri thinks both of these are too optimistic as forecasts.

In a new note to clients, Arcuri suggests that the chance of a 5G-capable iPhone for 2020 are “not good.”

UBS thinks disappointing iPhone sales will continue into 2020


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What will it take to turn around iPhone sales?
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UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri is concerned that declining iPhone sales are going to continue not only through 2019, but also into 2020.

“We believe the challenges in China would likely to continue and while a trade settlement could help, the damage in terms of iPhone is likely done,” writes in a note to clients. Arcuri thinks that Apple likely sold around 64 million iPhones over the holiday season. While that’s still a big number, it’s less than the 68 million Wall Street consensus.

iPhone 8’s wireless charging won’t be as good as we hoped


iPhone 8 wireless charging
iPhone 8 will have wireless charging, but it won't be special.
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If you were hoping Apple had developed a spectacular new wireless charging system for iPhone 8, you’re going to be disappointed come September.

The latest rumor claims that Apple won’t be using range charging technology developed by Energous as previously expected, but instead one of the existing solutions already found in rival smartphones like those made by Samsung.

Apple stock might be ready to explode


iphone stocks app
It might be a great time to buy into AAPL.
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The price of Apple shares have been in a slump all of 2016, but 2017 is shaping up to be an explosive year for AAPL.

Thanks to pent up demand from iPhone users for a big upgrade that probably won’t come this year, Apple is poised to have its biggest year ever when it launches the iPhone 7s, according to Cowen & Co’s financial analyst Timothy Arcuri who claims it pays to get in right now and wait out the iPhone 7 slump.