Twitter brings back the chronological timeline on iOS


Twitter on iPad Pro
Grab the latest version of the Twitter app today.
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You can now view your Twitter timeline in reverse chronological order on iOS.

Twitter has been testing the feature, which lets you see the newest tweets first, for the past couple of months. Now it is being rolled out to all — starting with those on iOS.

Twitter brings back the chronological timeline


Will Facebook and Instagram follow suit?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Twitter’s chronological timeline is back.

The algorithmic timeline that was first introduced in 2016 remains the default, but users can now revert to the non-algorithm sorting method that Twitter originally offered for years.

Facebook puts game demos in your news feed


Facebook news feed game demos
Look out for playable demos inside the Facebook app.
Photo: Facebook

If you think your Facebook news feed couldn’t possibly get any messier, think again. As of today, users will see start seeing playable game demos as they scroll their Facebook timelines.

The demos will let you enjoy sections of a game before downloading it to your device, Facebook says. Angry Birds developer Rovio is already reaping the benefits of playable ads.

Protect your drive, upgrade your productivity, and more [Week’s best deals]


This week's best deals include powerful drive maintenance tools, productivity aids, and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Welcome to another week of great new deals at the Cult of Mac Store. This time around we’ve got awesome noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, and an app for staying on top of any project. There’s also a powerful VPN for safe and anonymous browsing, and an award-winning tool for protecting and repairing your computer’s drive. Everything is discounted by well over half, read on for more details:

Every vintage picture tells a story, don’t it?


Courtesy of @savefamilyphotos
Courtesy of @savefamilyphotos

Rachel LaCour Niesen’s passion for vintage photos started when she walked down her grandmother’s wood-paneled hallway to look at a bedroom wall that held a carefully edited family history.

There she saw a photo of her father standing proud in his cap and gown on graduation day, an aunt sitting poolside during a swim meet and a happy couple cutting their wedding cake. The imprint those pictures left on LaCour Niesen lies at the heart of her @savefamilyphotos project on Instagram, where she curates a collective history. She invites people from around the world to send her a digital copy of a cherished family photo and brief story that, in many cases, gives the photo its emotional muscle.

“The treasure is not just the photo but the story that comes with it,” LaCour Niesen told Cult of Mac. “I believe stories are the currency of our past, present and future. Without them, we are bankrupt. Our family photos trigger those stories. They are like glue that holds my story — and our stories — together over time.”

Throwback Thursday, Facebook and Instagram have made personal blasts from the past a weekly — if not an hourly — ritual. The web is awash in fuzzy Polaroids, vintage Kodachromes and black-and-white snaps, uploaded by individuals with hard drives full of memories and shared by everyone.

Apple To Release iOS 7 Beta 2 Today [Rumor]



Apple is expected to seed its second iOS 7 beta to developers today, two weeks after it released the first during the Worldwide Developers Conference, according to carrier sources. The update it expected to fix bugs that were present in the first beta, and address things like performance and battery life. We may even see some more new features.

When Will The Next iOS 7 Beta Arrive? When Will iOS 7 Be Released? [iOS 7 Timeline]


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 2.26.42 PM

With iOS 7 Beta 1 now out on the iPhone, the next obvious question is “When is iOS 7 Beta 2” coming out? And what about Beta 3? Beta 4? When will iOS 7 go gold?

Good questions, and obviously, only Apple could tell you for sure. But Apple’s been releasing post-WWDC betas long enough at this point that it’s pretty easy to track how long on average each beta takes, and by doing so, we can not only forecast when iOS 7 will be released with a probable amount of accuracy: we can put a date on the iPhone 5S’s release.

Here’s what we think. We think iOS 7 Beta 2 will be released next Monday, the 24th. iOS 7 will go gold on September 10th, the same day the iPhone 5S will be announced. And the iPhone 5S and iOS 7 will be released on September 20th. Here’s why.

Facebook To Take On Google By Launching New Search Engine At Today’s Event [Rumor]



Facebook is set to hold a press event later today, and it appears the whole thing’s going to be a massive kick in the teeth for Google. Not only is the social network expected to unveil its own smartphone, possibly powered by its own platform, but it’s also expected to hit Google where it really hurts — in search. Rumor has it the company will unveil its own search engine, which will rollout to users “very soon.”

Timeline: Tim Cook’s First Year As Apple CEO [One Year Of Tim]


Tim Cook timeline

It’s been a rocking year for Tim Cook, his first as Apple’s CEO. Not only did he not fuck up; Apple shipped a bunch of hit products and became the biggest company ever.

He also defused a big crisis in Apple’s Chinese supply chain and has made Apple a little more open and relaxed (just a teeny bit).

Hit the jump for a great timeline of what Apple’s been up to under Tim Cook’s tenure. (Really, it’s a fascinating timeline and was a ton of work.)

Steve Jobs Inspired Facebook’s New, Life-Saving Organ Donor Feature


They may not have always seen eye-to-eye, but Mark Zuckerberg referred to Steve Jobs as
They may not have always seen eye-to-eye, but Mark Zuckerberg referred to Steve Jobs as "a mentor and a friend" after he passed away.

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that his girlfriend and Steve Jobs were the inspiration behind a new, “life-saving” Facebook feature that allows users to share that they’re an organ donor with their friends via their Timeline. The social networks hopes that the new feature will help spread awareness for organ donation, and encourage as many people as possible to donate.

When Is the iPhone 5 Coming Out? October 7th. Here’s The Complete Release Timeline [Predictions]



Over the past few months, not a day has gone by that our Twitter feed hasn’t been been bombarded by a consistent string of questions that millions of hungry Apple fans are just clamoring to have answered:

When will Apple announced the iPhone 5?

When will I be able to preorder the iPhone 5?

When is the iPhone 5 coming out?

We think we know. Here’s the complete release timeline of the iPhone 5 we think you can expect, starting from which day we think Apple will send out invitations and continuing to the iPhone 5’s October 7th release date.