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Soak up Austria’s beauty in hyperlapse


A scene from A Taste of Austria, a hyperlapse trip by FilmSpektakel. Photo: FilmSpektakel/YouTube
A scene from A Taste of Austria, a hyperlapse trip by FilmSpektakel. Photo: FilmSpektakel/YouTube

If you only had about three minutes to spend in the country of Austria, let Thomas Pocksteiner and Peter Jablonowski give you the tour.

The filmmakers, who formed FilmSpektakel, have just released a breath-taking hyperlapse tour of their country. The two-minute, 54-second video took two years of filming and was winnowed down from 5 TB of raw footage.

Their travel Valentine, A Taste of Austria, awakens the senses with movement, sweeping and seamless color changes with day-to-night transitions and 360-degree views of architectural and natural wonders.

This amazing video puts your own iPhone 6 time-lapses to shame


The northern lights over Norway. Screengrab: Cult of Mac
The northern lights over Norway. Screengrab: Cult of Mac

Sure the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have an amazing camera with all sorts of improvements to make stunning use of in the pursuit of the perfect high-definition time-lapse or slow motion video.

But the video (below) is so stunning, so amazingly beautiful – there’s no way you’re going to be able to pull this off on your iPhone 6, no matter how amazing Apple’s latest gadget is.

iOS 8 makes time-lapse video easy, plus our iPads need some Nintendo on The CultCast



OMG y’all, it’s CultCast time. This week we bring to thee some more cool iOS 8 features you didn’t hear about at WWDC, plus we’ll tell you all about the new time-lapse video feature we’ve been playing with. Then, with rumors swirling that fall will bring us an iWatch, we have to wonder what features and price point would make us want one adorning our wrists. All that plus Apple’s marketing arm gets major renovations, and in honor of this week’s E3, we say why Nintendo absolutely needs to bring Mario to iOS to survive!

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Use these apps to get iOS 8’s great new photo features now


iOS 8 packs in a bunch of great new photo features, in both the Camera app and the Photos app. You now get a lot more control over your photography at the front end, with manual exposure and even a time-lapse mode, and you can edit and find your photos with a little more precision than before.

iOS 8 is still a few months out, but you don’t have to wait: Use these currently available apps to add all these new functions to your iPhone (or iPad) today.

Astro Time Lapse Camera Controller Is All Knobs And Dials [Kickstarter]


Easy-peasy: Astro.



I might bang on a bit about manual knobs and dials, but sometimes they are the perfect and simple solution to a complex problem. Who wants to dig around in menus when you can just twist a ring and get immediate feedback on the result?

So it is with the Astro, a tripod-top time-lapse controller with all-manual – and all-awesome – controls.