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Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs and Jef Raskin clash over the Mac


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The war over the Macintosh's soul started on this day in 1979.
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September 27: Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs and Jef Raskin clash over the Mac September 27, 1979: Years before the Macintosh will ship, Steve Jobs and Jef Raskin clash for the first time over the direction of the R&D project to produce the revolutionary computer.

Raskin, the founder of the Macintosh project, wants to produce a machine that’s affordable to everyone. Apple co-founder Jobs wants a computer that’s going to be the best, regardless of price.

Guess who won?

Today in Apple history: Apple ships its last Mac with a CRT monitor


This is the day the era of bulky CRT Macs ended forever.
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July 5: Today in Apple history: Apple ships its last Mac with a CRT monitor July 5, 2006: Apple discontinues its low-end eMac product line. The action signals the end of the cathode ray tube era for Macs.

After more than a quarter-century using CRT monitors, Apple shifts to the superior LCD technology still used for Macs today. When it comes to screens, thin is definitely in!

Today in Apple history: G4 Cube makes its (ill-fated) debut


Mac G4 Cube
Do you remember Apple's G4 Cube?
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July 19 July 19, 2000: Apple launches its futuristic-looking Power Mac G4 Cube. The clear computer is one of the company’s most jaw-droppingly gorgeous machines, but ultimately becomes one of its biggest disappointments.

Technologically, the G4 Cube was a game-changer. Financially, it was one of Steve Jobs’ most notable failures.

Today in Apple history: Power Mac G5 goes on sale


G5 computer
Do you remember the Power Mac G5?
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Thursday23Sometimes affectionately called the “cheese grater,” the original Power Mac G5 first went on sale on June 23, 2003 — offering what was then Apple’s fastest-ever machine and the world’s first 64-bit personal computer.

Check out the video of Steve Jobs introducing the computer 13 years ago today.

Today in Apple history: Aluminum Mac mini arrives


Good things come in small packages!
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wednesday15 While Apple originally introduced the diminutive Mac mini in 2005, it was on June 15, 2010, that it launched the sleek, unibody aluminum Mac mini redesign that persists to this day.

Starting at $699, the mid-2010 era Mac mini gave users a 2.4-GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and a 320 GB hard drive. It also boasted an HDMI-out port for the first time, an SD card reader, a dazzling new NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics chip and — very excitingly — no power brick, since all the power circuitry was housed inside the minimalist device, which stood at a not-so-imposing 1.4 inches tall.