ThinkTank skips the bling for understated elegance in camera bag for women


The Lily Deanne bags for female photographers by ThinkTank.
The Lily Deanne bags for female photographers by ThinkTank.
Photo: ThinkTank

My female friends who are photographers bristle when you bring up the idea of a camera bag being designed for women. The few women’s camera bags they’ve seen have tended to be cutesy – and cutesy doesn’t cut it.

They want the same things in a bag as the men – roomy, stealthy and sturdy. Why should gender matter in the design?

ThinkTank, an industry leader in camera bags for every kind of photography, may have found the right combination of aesthetic and function in a new line of bags created for women.

Camera backpacks: the smart way to carry all your gear


Camera backpacks can be pricey but it's money well spent to protect your investment in equipment.
Camera backpacks can be pricey but it's money well spent to protect your investment in equipment.
Photo: Lowepro

So your iPhone has you convinced you’re a pretty good photographer and it’s time to raise your game with a dedicated camera and all sorts of lenses. You are going to need something to sling your gear.

There are so many types of camera bags – shoulder, belt packs, roller cases – with designs tailored for various kinds of photography, shooting environments and individual preferences. The bag type that is arguably the most versatile is the camera backpack.

Backpacks are ideal when you are in transit with a lot of gear, whether you’re flying or hiking. They are also versatile to comfortably carry as you shoot, especially if you have to bring with you a laptop or change of clothes.

Three respected manufacturers have new bags to meet a spectrum of needs and demands. Think Tank, Lowepro and long-time Apple product vendor, InCase, bring to their latest lines rugged construction and intelligent storage options. Camera backpacks are one of the more pricey accessories, but it’s money well spent to protect your investment in bodies, lights and lenses.

Carry Your Camera Gear Across The World With The Think Tank International [Review]


Think Tank International
The Think Tank International is ready for stowing in a carry-on compartment near you

The International ($350), from Think Tank Photo, is similar to every other piece of rolling luggage you’ve probably used, with a retractable handle and rolling wheels, but on the inside, instead of keeping your dirty drawers stowed, it secures treasures of a different kind: your plethora of expensive camera gear. And it does so admirably.

ThinkTank’s Widget Wallets Will Help You Organize Almost Everything



I’m a complete neat freak. Add to this my weakness for bags of all kinds and you’ll see immediately why I love these new organizing wallets from ThinkTank. These four wallets are designed for tidying and storing SD cards, flash gels and cameras batteries.

If you hear the phrase “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” and nod in solemn agreement, then read on.

Brains, Brawn, And Sex Appeal: Retrospective 5 Is A Camera Bag You’ll Want To Carry [Review]


The Retrospective 5 from ThinkTank

I love the look of old canvas camera bags; they have a style and charisma that the bags of today can’t touch. But the problem is, canvas bags often aren’t comfortable to wear, and they also lack the padded protection of today’s more modern sacks.

With the Retrospective 5 ($137.50), ThinkTank aimed to blend the vintage look of yesteryear with the comfort and protection of today’s modern bags. They were trying to meld the best of both worlds when they created the Retrospective 5, and I think they succeeded.