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Apple approves blatant Zelda: Breath of the Wild clone for iOS


The Nintendo Switch's flexible Joy-Con controllers work just fine with a Mac (but not an iPhone).
Nintendo’s newest console was by far the hottest product.
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We’re still eagerly anticipating Nintendo’s first The Legend of Zelda game for mobile. iOS users in China may have briefly believed the wait was over this week when Breath of the Wild landed in the App Store — except it wasn’t actually Breath of the Wild.

It turns out Apple approved a shameless Zelda clone that, unsurprisingly, doesn’t deliver everything its description promises.

Nintendo’s first smartphone game will be revealed tomorrow


The wait is almost over. Photo: Nintendo
The wait is almost over. Photo: Nintendo

Nintendo is set to unveil its first smartphone game tomorrow, October 29 — seven months after it announced that it would finally give in to the demands of Android and iOS gamers.

Nintendo will be hoping that its mobile game business is a success following weakening demand for its 3DS and Wii U consoles.

We want Mario, Link and Pokemon on our iPhones


What new Nintendo games will we get on the iPhone?Photo remix: Stephen Smith
What new Nintendo games will we get on the iPhone? Photo remix: Stephen Smith

Hell just froze over.

Nintendo has finally given in to the fact that smartphones have dealt its handheld gaming business a huge blow; the only way they’re going to stay relevant is to release their immensely popular gaming characters and game franchises onto the devices we all have in our pockets.

Whether you’re a Nintendo super fan or just looking at the gaming history this venerable Japanese company represents, you’ll be excited for this new era in which Nintendo partners with social and free-to-play juggernaut DeNA to bring it’s valuable content to mobile devices.

Even though Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata insists that the company has no intention of porting existing games to mobile devices, he said nothing about not brining the incredibly popular and cash-generating characters and franchises that have become synonymous with the company, and with video gaming in general.

Here, then, are ten of our top wishes for the characters and franchises Nintendo should bring to the iPhone or other smartphones.