Apple is building a brand new campus for 7,000 employees in Texas


A sneak peak at Apple's new Austin campus. The campus will include a doctor’s offices and exam rooms named after Texas parks.
A sneak peak at Apple's new Austin campus. The campus will include doctors’ offices and exam rooms named after Texas parks.
Photo: My Statesman

Everyone’s focused on Apple’s upcoming “spaceship” campus, but Apple is also currently hard at work on its second-largest global campus.

Based in Northwest Austin, TX, the 1.1 million square foot space will reportedly house around 7,000 local workers, and be responsible for Apple’s “business operations for the Western Hemisphere.”

Apple Begins 1-Million-Square-Foot Expansion In Austin, Texas [Report]


Apple Operations Center in Austin, Texas

Back in July, Apple purchased acres and acres of land surrounding its campus in the heart of Austin, Texas. It was later reported that Apple was making a $304 million investment to grow its operations in Austin and bring an additional 3,600 jobs to the area.

Now Apple has broken ground on its 39-acre Texan campus in an effort to expand its growing U.S. Operations Center.

Woman Buys iPad For $200, Finds Out It’s Just A Mirror With Duct Tape On The Back



Anytime you think you’re scoring a super hot deal on Apple’s latest amazing device, you really should make sure everything’s 100% legit before forking over $200 to some shady dude at a gas station. That’s the lesson Jalonta Freeman learned when she found out the “$800 iPad” she purchased was really just a mirror.

Freeman was fueling her car at a gas station when a man pulled up beside her saying he had a bunch of gadgets he was selling for cheap. Thinking it would make a great Christmas present, Jalonta decided to purchase the man’s “brand new” iPad that he claimed was worth $800. He sold it to Freeman for $200 and quickly drove away.

Apple Just Bought A Ton Of Land In Texas For Austin Campus Expansion



Over the last couple of months Apple has been trying to secure a real estate deal that will allow them to expand their Austin, Texas campus and bring an additional 3,600 new jobs to the area. Recent records show that Apple purchased three large tracts of land adjacent to their current campus, that will allow the company to expand and make good on their plans to invest $304 million in the area.

This Charming TSA Agent Has Been Stealing iPads Out Of Travelers’ Luggage


Left: the face of national security. Right: an iPad.

Next time you’re making a flight through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport you might want to keep your iPad in your carry-on rather than leave it in your luggage. Or hope Transportation Security Administration agent Clayton Dovel isn’t on duty that day – which he probably won’t be because he just got busted for stealing a bunch of iPads from travelers’ luggage.

Austin City Council Throws Apple $8.6 Million For New Campus


Apple's existing campus in Austin, Texas.
Apple's existing campus in Austin, Texas.

City officials in Austin, Texas, have agreed to pay Apple $8.6 million in incentives over the next ten years after the Cupertino company revealed its plans to invest $304 million in a new campus. Additionally, it will also receive $21 million from the Texas Enterprise Fund, and possibly a further $6 million from Travis County Commissioners.

Infamous iPhone Hacker Geohot Arrested For Marijuana Possession In Texas Speed Trap


It's hard to believe a clean cut, law abiding youth like this would smoke marijuana, isn't it?

You only need to look at the bloodshot eyes, crunchy appearance and tossled hair of famed PS3 and iPhone hacker George “geohot” Hotz to realize that this is a mind which works best when jerkied in the cannabinoid vapours inhaled from a tightly packed magic jaybone. He’s a viper from birth, and we wouldn’t have him any other way.

But the cops would. That’s why they arrested him for cannabis possession while driving to SXSW to deliver a speech on hacking.