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PUBG Mobile surpasses $3.5 billion in player spending, most of it on iOS


PUBG Mobile
PUBG is having a great year.
Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

While Epic, the makers of battle royale game Fortnite, wage war against Apple, rival title PUBG Mobile goes from strength to strength in terms of player spending.

According to app analytics platform Sensor Tower, PUBG has just passed a major milestone: surpassing $3.5 billion in lifetime spending. Of that, $500 million comes in the past 72 days alone while people were stuck home during coronavirus-induced lockdown.

Trump’s executive order won’t hurt Fortnite or League of Legends


Fortnite developer Epic Games is part owned by Tencent.
Photo: Epic Games

President Donald Trump’s executive order blocking “transactions” involving Tencent’s WeChat will not hurt games owned, or partially owned, by the company.

That means it would not affect the likes of Riot Games’ League of Legends or Epic Games’ Fortnite, both of which have financial ties to Tencent. Instead, the executive order covers only WeChat transactions.

The problem with Apple Arcade? It’s just not that special [Opinion]


Can Arcade ever become the service Apple promised?
Photo: Apple

Apple Arcade’s slate of more than 100 games for $4.99 a month looks like one of the best deals in gaming at first glance. But Apple’s new game subscription service fails to live up to the expectations of many iPhone and iPad owners.

That’s not because the games are bad. Or because there are hidden fees we weren’t expecting. It’s because Cupertino billed Apple Arcade as something special … and it just isn’t.

Call of Duty: Mobile will blast its way onto iOS on October 1


Call of Duty Mobile 1
Call of Duty: Mobile will offer a CoD multiplayer experience for your iPhone.
Photo: Activision

Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile, an entry in the popular franchise, but built from the ground up for mobile, will be launching worldwide October 1.

The game soft-launched in Australia back in June. However, the rest of us have had to wait to try out the free-to-play title. To celebrate the impending launch, Activision has released a brand new trailer.

Apple becomes world’s fourth-largest gaming company


Fortnite iOS 14
Everyone should welcome skill-based matchmaking.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple is now the world’s fourth-largest gaming company, according to a new report.

It is ranked higher than gaming giants like Nintendo, EA, and Activision — thanks mostly to the popularity of mobile gaming on iPhone. Apple is estimated to have earned $9.453 billion from games during 2018 alone.

Call of Duty: Mobile quietly hits the App Store in Australia


Call of Duty: Mobile
It should be arriving in other markets very soon.
Photo: Activision

The wait for Call of Duty: Mobile on iOS is almost over.

Activision’s newest title has quietly launched in Australia, where iPhone and iPad users can now get their hands on it for free. It shouldn’t be too long before the first true Call of Duty game for mobile goes global.

Massively popular League of Legends on its way to mobile


League of Legends
The game has been in development for over a year.
Photo: Riot Games

League of Legends remains one of the biggest games on the planet, with an estimated 115 million players worldwide. And it could be about to get even bigger as it expands its reach to mobile.

Tencent and Riot Games have reportedly been working on the port for over a year. But you probably won’t get your hands on it in 2019.