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Easily share your wireless network with Wifi Porter [Review]


Wifi Porter uses NFC to easily transfer your wireless network’s login details to smartphones.
Wifi Porter uses NFC to transfer your wireless network’s login details to smartphones.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Wifi Porter takes the hassle out of letting friends or guests access your wireless network. Just tap this accessory from Ten One Design with your iPhone or Android device and the login details will be transferred. 

The hardware is attractive, and it’s certainly a unique idea, but Apple’s implementation of NFC creates some hassles for iPhone users.

Thumbs-On With Targus’ ‘Fling’ Game Controller For iPad [Review]



If the Targus joystick would just stick, it would be awesome. Photos Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

I love playing games on my iPad, but I hate playing games with on-screen joysticks. Your finger drifts away from where it’s supposed to be, and you end up flailing around at a crucial moment. If only there was a way to put an actual, physical thumb pad on your iPad’s screen?

Of course, there is. It’s called the Fling, and was debuted some time ago by Ten One Design. I recently picked up the European version, which is the same thing only it’s sold by Targus, and comes in ugly packaging. I have been putting it through its paces in Grand Theft Auto III, Streetfighter 2 and others. How does it do?

Ten One Design’s Magnus Is An iPad 2 Stand As Clever As Your Smart Cover



Apple’s excellent innovation of lining the sides of the iPad 2 with magnets is one that is distressingly uncapitalized upon by accessory makers. Oh, sure, a few case makers slap a magnet into their iPad 2 case to turn the screen on and off, but where’s the imagination?

That’s why I’m so pleased by the idea of the Magnus. It’s an iPad 2 stand that uses the magnets inside the tablet’s hinge to keep itself upright on your desk. Brilliant!