Watch what happens when an iPhone 6 meets an angle grinder


This doesn't end well! Photo: TechRax
This doesn't end well! Photo: TechRax

The whole Bendgate incident prompted Apple to release some details about its own internal stress-testing policies for new iPhones. It’s unlikely that anyone at Cupertino carries out iPhone stress-testing quite to the degree of YouTube user TechRax, however.

Masquerading as a tech channel, Ukrainian YouTuber TechRax is really just using that an excuse to destroy the latest must-have gadgets. This week, he turned his attention to the iPhone 6 — a device that has previously had its endurance tested by him in boiling Coca-Cola, deep snow, under the treads of a tank — and a variety of other scenarios that, frankly, are unlikely to befall your precious smartphone.

In TechRax’s latest “experiment” he sets on the gold iPhone 6 with a DeWalt angle grinder. The results are… well, largely what you’d expect. You can check out the video after the jump.