This battle-tough backpack looks killer, too [Review]


Thule Crossover 2 backpack
Ready for the world, the Thule Crossover 2 backpack.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

If you’re going to be seen carrying the same bag every day, its look and style are as important to many commuters as the bag’s ability to protect its contents.

Many shoulder bags and backpacks excel in one area and underwhelm in the other. Not the 20L Thule Crossover 2 backpack. It can be reviewed with just two words — ruggedly handsome.

Stream all the bags you want with this Apple AF gag


WaterField Designs
Exciting new *products from WaterField Designs.
Screenshot: WaterField Designs

The serious side of WaterField Designs takes meticulous care constructing bespoke cases and bags, mostly out of the finest leather, popular with users of Apple devices.

The small-batch San Francisco shop also has a wicked sense of humor in its spirit, especially for April Fools Day.

WaterField Designs produced a product page that sends up some of the most recent news to come from Apple, including an announcement that WaterField is starting a monthly original bags streaming service.

These iPhone cases don’t make you choose between style and protection


Three layers of protection in five colors.
Photo: Altigo

Start-up companies often introduce themselves to the market with a single product. Accessories brand Altigo launched in November with a colorful line of sleek headphones and iPhone cases.

Now two months later at its first CES, Altigo debuts more mobile lifestyle accessories to its growing product line.

Toasty touchscreen gloves let you swipe and scroll in the bitter cold [Review]


touchscreen gloves
Mujjo touchscreen gloves keep you warm and connected.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

The last time I tried to use touchscreen gloves, I had made the decision to just never use my phone outdoors in the dead of winter. The damn things just weren’t warm.

I’m recalling this from my home in Minnesota, where this week’s lows are forecast to dip below zero for the first time this winter and I am wearing touchscreen gloves.

New miggo bags keep photo gear dry in stormy weather


miggo bags
This Agua won't stand for water.
Photo: miggo

The designers at the Jerusalem-based company miggo are happy if its customers are left standing in the rain.

This really is supportive when you consider photography accessory company has a reputation for producing storm-proof bags and cases so photographers don’t have to run for cover before they get their shots.

miggo Thursday introduced three new bags to its Agua X line with a backpack, sling bag and a dedicated drone bag that includes a roll out launch pad.

Nerve Black messenger bag will trigger an impulse to buy [Review]


booq Nerve Black messenger bag
The Nerve Black messenger bag by booq delivers some serious attitude.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Best List: Nerve Black messenger bag by booq

Most messenger bags would look out of place slung over the shoulder of a leather-clad Harley rider. Not the Nerve Black by booq: It exhibits a transcendent cool, whether paired with a business suit or motorcycle chaps.

There’s no cowhide on this bag. Yet the water-repellent tarpaulin flap looks a lot like leather and makes a striking first impression.

Clever origami stand won’t fold under weight of your devices


This origami-inspired stand will prop up your tech life.
Photo: FODI

There are people in the world with the title professional origami artist. Just the thought puts a crease in your forehead.

To answer your question, Yes, there is value in people knowing the art of folding paper. Let a product called FODI convince you by being one of the most indispensable tech accessories you could carry.

Kings backpack treats your tech carry like royalty [Review]


The Kings laptop backpack by STM Goods will shoulder the burdens of the working class.
The Kings laptop backpack by STM Goods will shoulder the burdens of the working class.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

The Kings laptop backpack by STM Goods is handsome enough, but one small detail on the inside got my attention.

Tethered inside one of the two compartments I found a zippered pouch that could be used to store pens or cords. I stow my various incidentals in similar pouches in my shoulder bag, so it seemed like this particular backpack was designed especially for me.

This sexy sleeve is worthy of the new MacBook Pro


Maxwell Sleeve by WaterField Designs
The Maxwell Sleeve will keep your new MacBook Pro covered.
Photo: WaterField Designs

There’s little exciting about a laptop sleeve. Usually made of neoprene or some other soft flexible material, it has one job and often it stays hidden if the user carries a backpack or messenger bag.

But in anticipating a refresh of the MacBook Pro, WaterField Designs did a fitting — and dare I say attractive? — refresh of the unsung laptop sleeve.

Decibullz earphones are molded music to the ear


Decibullz brings its moldable earpieces to wireless earbuds.
Decibullz brings its moldable earpieces to wireless earbuds.
Photo: Decibullz

The openings to my ear canals are small. There, I said it. Hearing is not a problem, but finding earbuds that fit is a pain in the, well, ears.

Apple’s customary earphones that came with every iPod or iPhone I bought got tossed in a drawer. At least there, they wouldn’t fall out.

Decibullz, a startup company when they hit it big with moldable earbuds last year, is now trying to bring to production a set of wireless earphones with the moldable tips. The molding process requires nothing more than a glass of hot water.