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The Best iOS Gaming Accessories [Best-Of]


Turn your iDevice into an arcade machine or PSP beater with these amazing accessories.
Turn your iDevice into an arcade machine or PSP beater with these amazing accessories.

iOS is the gaming platform of the future. Just ask Nintendo, who this year posted its first annual loss (nearly half a billion dollars). And while Game Boy-esque portable playing is good enough most of the time, you only need to add a few accessories to turn the iPhone into a full-on be-buttoned handheld, and the iPad into the center of a big-screen home gaming system. Read on to find out our picks for the best iOS gaming accessories.

Thumbs-On With Targus’ ‘Fling’ Game Controller For iPad [Review]



If the Targus joystick would just stick, it would be awesome. Photos Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

I love playing games on my iPad, but I hate playing games with on-screen joysticks. Your finger drifts away from where it’s supposed to be, and you end up flailing around at a crucial moment. If only there was a way to put an actual, physical thumb pad on your iPad’s screen?

Of course, there is. It’s called the Fling, and was debuted some time ago by Ten One Design. I recently picked up the European version, which is the same thing only it’s sold by Targus, and comes in ugly packaging. I have been putting it through its paces in Grand Theft Auto III, Streetfighter 2 and others. How does it do?

This Is The iPad 3 Case Best Buy Is Secretly Stockpiling By The Thousands


Best Buy is reportedly sitting on thousands of Targus Versavu 360 cases for iPad 3 ahead of Apple's Wednesday announcement.

Could iPad 3 cases already be shipping to Best Buy? Sure, and probably are. Does that mean third-party case manufacturers know what to expect? Don’t count on it, but if so, the iPad 3 case above — a variation on the existing Targus Versavu 360 case for iPad 2 — is the first one you’ll be able to buy.