Apple is operating a secret lab to develop new iPhone screens


iPhone 6s 3d
Apple is moving yet more development in-house.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple has opened a secret production lab in northern Taiwan, developing screens for future iOS devices, a new report claims.

The company has reportedly hired talent from display makers AU Optronics and Qualcomm — the latter company having previously operated the building. By running its own display manufacturing facility, Apple hopes to reduce its reliance on third party suppliers such as Samsung, LG Display, Sharp, and Japan Display.

Apple fined for illegally dictating iPhone contract prices


The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will look just like the iPhone 6.
Apple is guilty of setting iPhone prices.
Photo: Jim Merithew

Many of Apple’s manufacturers may be based in Taiwan, but that hasn’t stopped a Taiwanese court from finding the company guilty of engaging in anti-competitive practices.

Apple’s crime? Making its telecom partners in Taiwan run their pricing plans past Apple prior to making then available to the public.

“Apple limited telecoms from setting contract price for its 4, 4s, 5 and 5s models, which is against the law,” says a spokesperson for Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission.

iPhone 6 dominates smartphone sales in Taiwan


Gene testing, coming soon to an iPhone near you. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
The iPhone 6 is big in Taiwan. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

When it comes to Asia, Apple’s increasing foothold in China has been the big Cupertino-related story of the year. However, mainland China’s far from the only Asian country that’s big into Apple devices.

According to a new report published today, Apple stormed the smartphone market in Taiwan for the month of November, capturing a 24.6 percent share in sales volume, and a massive 48.9 percent in sales value.

Of the 10 top-selling phone models sold in Taiwan last month, different configurations of the iPhone 6 represented four of them, with the most popular models being the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus, the 64GB iPhone 6, and the 16GB variants of both devices.

WSJ: Apple Poaches HTC Engineers To Speed Up Product Development


Life inside the iPhone factories isn't all that great.
Life inside the iPhone factories isn't all that great.
Photo: Foxconn

Apple is taking on “hundreds” of new engineers and supply-chain managers in China and Taiwan in an effort to speed up product development and offer a greater range of devices, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The Cupertino company has reportedly poached staff from HTC and other rival firms to create new teams in Shanghai and Taipei.

Beautiful Desk Lamps Made From Old Camera Gear



If you take a trip to the local laboratory supply store, and then follow it up by dropping into the vintage camera shop (or just a thrift store) then you could make your own beautiful lamp, just like those fashioned from dead photo gear by the Taiwanese Ystudio. It sure beats the usual crap you get from Ikea.

Apple Plans To Open An R&D Center In Taiwan For Future iPhone Development



Apple is in the early stages of building a new R&D facility in Taiwan which will house an engineering development team to work on the next-generation iPhone, according to internal communications from Apple viewed by VR Zone.

Right now, the facility is just in the recruiting phase of the process, but rather than advertising the job listings, Apple has chosen to hunt for candidates via word of mouth alone. Apple is looking to hire a number of experienced and junior level engineers who will work out of Taipei on next-gen tech for the iPhone and report directly to the Apple spaceship in Cupertino.

Foxconn Prepares For Life After Apple


iPhone 6 maker Foxconn is looking to lower its reliance on Apple.
iPhone 6 maker Foxconn is looking to lower its reliance on Apple.

Foxconn has been forced to make preparations for life after Apple following reduced demand for the iPhone and other iOS devices which has caused the company’s revenue to nosedive, The New York Times reports.

The manufacturer has been doing well off the back of Apple’s hugely successful devices in recent years, which have been contributing at least 40% of its revenue, according to analyst estimates. But after suffering a 19.2% drop in revenue during the first quarter of the year, thanks to declining iPhone and iPad orders, Foxconn is now looking at ways in which it can be less reliant on Apple.

Hold Onto Your Hats! Apple’s Next iPad Mini To Get Retina Display [Rumor]


You new iPad mini's display could look ancient in 12 months.
You new iPad mini's display could look ancient in 12 months.

Yeah, this is one of the least surprising rumors you’ll hear all day. But it’s sure to delight those who are holding out for an iPad mini with a Retina display. According to industry sources in Taiwan, Apple will indeed be “enhancing” the display resolution of its second-generation iPad mini, introducing a 2058×1536 panel with 326 pixels-per-inch.