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This $25,000 Apple Watch clone is completely mechanical


Look familiar?
Photo: H. Moser

With Jony Ive being a self-proclaimed mechanical watch fan, it’s fascinating to see how the Apple Watch design language borrowed elements from traditional Swiss watches — and now how Swiss watches are starting to resemble the Apple Watch.

Luxury watchmaker H. Moser & Cie’s is the closest yet, looking virtually identical to Apple’s smartwatch with its rectangular chassis, crown, band, and even 38mm size. It’s name? The Apple Alp Watch. We’re not even kidding.

Apple plans to exploit low interest rates in Swiss franc bond sale


Apple is ready for another huge bond sale. Photo: Cult of Mac
Apple is ready for another huge bond sale. Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple is sitting on more cash than King Midas could dream of, but instead of bringing that money back to the U.S. to fund stock buybacks, Apple is reportedly looking to exploit Switzerland’s low interest rates with a Swiss Franc bond sale.

Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse have been hired to manage the potential sale, reports the Wall Street Journal, which says the new bond sale could come as soon as Tuesday.

Jony Ive called it: ‘Swiss Made’ watches are in trouble


Jean-Claude Biver Photo: Revolutionmag
Jean-Claude Biver Photo: Revolutionmag

You’ve got to hand it to Sir Jonathan Ive: Apple’s head of design knows how to scare the competition. Wearables at CES were a huge disappointment, and there was a palpable sense that everyone was just waiting for the Apple Watch to come out.

Even the Swiss watch industry is scared. After initially dismissing the Apple Watch as a design joke, TAG Heuer’s luxury watch guru is singing a new tune.

Swiss watchmakers are ‘f**ked,’ says Apple’s Jony Ive


"Will design for food."
Photo: Apple

In his latest column for The New York Times, Nick Bilton drops an interesting tidbit about Jony Ive and the iWatch.

The mythical wearable, which is expected to finally see the light of day at next week’s Apple event, is something Ive has been bragging about around Apple HQ. He thinks it will be so good that even Swiss watchmakers won’t know what hit them.

Apple’s Deal For Swiss Clock Design Breaks Mondaine’s “Exclusive” Licensing Agreement


Mondaine should have exclusive access to this design.

Apple struck a deal with Swiss railway operator SBB earlier this month that allows the Cupertino company to continue using its iconic railway clock design for the clock app on the iPad. It seems, however, that SBB may not have had the right to license its design to Apple after all.

You see, a clock and watch manufacturer called Mondaine has an exclusive license with SBB that means it should be the only company with the rights to the design. Mondaine says it was “surprised” to hear that SBB had been granted Apple a license, too.

Apple Accused Of Ripping Off iPad Clock Design In iOS 6 From The Swiss



One of the best new additions of iOS 6 for iPad owners is the fact that not only do we finally get the iOS 6 clock app, but it’s absolutely gorgeous… easily Apple’s most attractive app, in my opinion.

The app’s good looks aren’t going unnoticed… and that might spell bad news for Apple. Apparently, the Swiss Federal Railway Service is livid over the clock used in the new app, says they own the trademark on the design.