Coding classes, wireless earbuds, meditation apps and more [Week’s Best Deals]


This week's best deals will turn your phone into a mindfulness tool, make your PDFs more flexible, and more.
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It’s getting hot out there. But it’s still nowhere near as hot as the new deals coming into the Cult of Mac Store. This week we’ve added an app that’ll change how you work with PDFs, and a set of future-ready Bluetooth earbuds. There’s also a comprehensive set of courses in Apple’s Swift coding language, and an app that turns your phone into a mindfulness tool. Most are discounted by half or more, read on for more details:

Do you speak Swift, Apple’s latest iOS programming language? [Deals]


The Complete Swift 3 Hacking Bundle
These courses will help you become fluent in Apple's latest coding language for iOS, Swift 3.
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iOS is still a vibrant and growing platform for some of the most exciting applications, and a great market to break into. But you can’t do that if you don’t sprechen Swift, the coding language that underpins iOS. Like any language, it’s best to learn through immersion.

See Swift 4’s hot new features in sketchnotes


What's new in Swift 4 sketchnote
Here's the latest on Swift 4, the latest version of Apple's programming language, done up in sketchnotes.
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On Tuesday, Apple gave one of it’s most important presentations of the week: the new version of Swift, it’s popular multi-platform programming language.

It was a big session because it gave all of the developers at WWDC a quick overview of the new features and pointed them to sessions that dove deeper on certain topics.

Above is my sketchnote from the session. I always feel over my head in the Swift talks, but I feel like the improvements will make Swift more accessible to developers like me, who are just getting started.

WWDC diary: how a day of furious networking might pay off


WWDC scholar Kenny Batista at Apple
WWDC student scholar Kenny Batista has been networking like crazy to get an internship at Apple.
Photo: Kenny Batista/Cult of Mac

This week, student Kenny Batista is writing a diary from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California. Kenny won a coveted WWDC Scholarship, which includes food, lodging and VIP access.

SAN JOSE, California — Today at WWDC was all about networking. I’m working my way into an internship at Apple, and it’s going pretty well. I managed to impress an Apple engineer with an idea that I think they might already be working on!

iOS 11 brings big UI changes, smarter Siri and much more


iOS 11 is Apple's biggest update in years.
iOS 11 is Apple's biggest update in years.
Photo: Apple

Developers received an early look at iOS 11 today, Apple’s next big update for iPhones and iPads that adds a host of new features and user-interface changes to make iOS devices better than ever.

“Today we’re going to take the world’s best and most advanced operating system and turn it up to 11,” said Tim Cook.

How a 19-year-old won a free scholarship to WWDC


Tim Cook WWDC scholars 2014
Apple CEO Tim Cook meets some of the scholars at WWDC 2014.
Photo: Tim Cook/Twitter

All next week, student Kenny Batista will be writing a diary from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California. Kenny won a coveted scholarship, which includes food, lodging, keynote access and meeting Apple CEO Tim Cook. In his first entry, Kenny describes how he won the scholarship.

A few weeks ago, Apple selected me for a WWDC scholarship. I’ll be heading down to the conference this Saturday and staying there the whole week.

I’ll be writing a first-person perspective of the event from the dorms, the scholarship orientation (after which we meet Tim Cook, supposedly), the keynote, the sessions and more.

I got the scholarship by creating a demo in Apple’s Xcode version of Swift Playgrounds and writing a short essay about it. It took me six days — about 30 hours of work after school — but it was worth it!

Here’s how I did it.


WWDC has been home to some seismic announcements over the years.
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Six community colleges in the U.S. will be teaching Swift this fall


Time for your Swift class!
Photo: Apple

Want to learn Swift in school? Apple wants you too as well, which is why its just launched a new app development curriculum for its mobile programming language aimed at high school and community college students.

The curriculum, which is available as a free download today from the iBooks Store, will be adopted by six community college systems serving nearly 500,000 students this fall. No doubt more will follow in the near future.