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Clock is ticking for Swiss watchmakers ahead of Apple Watch 3


apple watch
The watch striking fear into the hearts (and wallets) of rivals.
Photo: Apple

Apple fans may have been pleased with yesterday’s media event, but one group that wasn’t is Switzerland’s largest watchmaker. Shortly after Apple announced its new Series 3 Apple Watch, shares in Swatch Group AG tumbled 3.2 percent due to concerns about added competition.

The Apple Watch Series 3 saw Apple add cellular capabilities to its wearable device — meaning that you no longer need to carry around your iPhone to receive texts, calls, emails, or Apple Map directions.

Apple slaps Swatch with lawsuit over ‘Tick different’ trademark


Swatch Tick different
Sounds remarkably similar to "Think different."
Photo: Swatch

Apple is suing Swatch over the Swiss watchmaker’s “Tick different” trademark.

Apple claims the trademark is a play on the “Think different” slogan it used for an iconic ad campaign in the late 1990s. To win the legal battle, Cupertino must prove that at least 50 percent of consumers associate the phrase with Apple branding.

Weirdest of 2015: This year’s most blistering insults


Apple fanatics got up to some strange stuff in 2015.
There was plenty of trash talk to go around in 2015.
Image: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac's Best of 2015 In addition to rounding up the best stories of the year, we’re also showcasing the weirdest of 2015, and we can’t do that without including the sickest burns people laid down over the past 12 months.

It’s always strange when companies and CEOs snip and snap at each other like annoyed children. We should expect them to be above that sort of behavior, but guess what? They totally aren’t.

Here are some of the most blistering insults of the year.

Swatch and Visa partner to one-up Apple Pay


Apple Pay iPhone
Swatch isn't going to let Apple have all of the contactless-payment fun.
Photo: Apple

Like the Borg, Star Trek‘s race of cybernetically enhanced humanoids, Swiss watch maker Swatch is attempting to have the best of both worlds as it rolls out a partnership with Visa to bring Apply Watch-style contactless payment to its new line of analog timepieces.

Swatch announced the deal today, and the program will roll out early next year.

Swatch claims ‘One more thing’ trademark isn’t a jab at Apple. Yeah, right.


“One more thing” returned at this year's iPhone keynote. Photo: Apple.
Yep, it's just a coincidence that Swatch decided to use this phrase right now.
Photo: Apple

Swatch has denied that its trademarking of Steve Jobs’ famous “One more thing” phrase was a blatant attempt to troll Apple — arguing instead that it’s part of a new film noir-inspired watch line, referencing Peter Falk’s Columbo character.

Yes, that’ll do. And Android’s blatant borrowing of the iOS interface was just a funny coincidence too, right?

Swatch CEO trolls Apple Watch by calling it a ‘toy’


Are Apple Watch expectations just too high?
Pffft... what's revolutionary about a computer on your wrist?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of mac

Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek isn’t backing down from his anti-Apple stance. In a new interview, he dismisses the Apple Watch as nothing more than an “interesting toy, but not a revolution,” and says that Swatch won’t be jumping on the “computers for the wrist” bandwagon any time soon.

We wonder if Tim Cook and Jony Ive would like some ice for that sick burn?

Swiss watchmaker hits back at Apple by trademarking ‘One more thing’


“One more thing” returned at this year's iPhone keynote. Photo: Apple.
One more thing...
Photo: Apple

Sometimes trademarks are about defending brand names you’ve spent years and millions of dollars building up. Other times they’re meant as jealous, petty ways of striking back at people who are doing better than you.

Guess which category Swatch’s decision to trademark Steve Jobs’ iconic “One more thing” signature phrase falls under.

Apple Watch band packaging looks like Swatch


Is that an Apple Watch band box sitting on the tablet? Photo: Apple
Is that an Apple Watch band box sitting on the table? Photo: Apple

Apple might have just leaked some packaging for the upcoming Apple Watch.

The Apple Jobs website received a nice update today — including a new image of what appears to be some of the Apple Watch packaging that will hit Apple Store shelves April 24. The boxes look too thin to hold the Apple Watch and its inductive charger, so they’re more likely just for bands, but we couldn’t help but notice they look just like Swatch’s iconic boxes.

Here’s a comparison shot:

Swatch inventor says winter is coming for Swiss watchmakers


A Song of Fire and iOS. Photo: HBO
A Song of Fire and iOS. Photo: HBO

Swatch may be just a couple of months from launching its own Apple Watch rival, but the 61-year old co-creator of the low cost Swatch wristwatch, Elmar Mock, isn’t being shy about describing the havoc he thinks Apple’s debut wearable device is going to wreak on the watch industry.

“Apple will succeed quickly,” Mock told Bloomberg. “It will put a lot of pressure on the traditional watch industry and jobs in Switzerland.”

Although other brands are now starting to investigate the possibilities of smartwatches, Mock thinks people are still selling the Apple Watch short, saying that the Apple Watch is going to bring about an “Ice Age” for makers of mid-priced Swiss watches when it ships in April.