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Suspicion sticks the landing in audaciously ambiguous season finale [Apple TV+ recap]


Kunal Nayyar, Tom Rhys-Harries, Georgina Campbell and Elizabeth Henstridge in Suspicion
A satisfying conclusion? Now that's thrilling.
Photo: Apple TV+

The five kidnapping suspects finally meet their tormentor in the gripping season finale of Apple TV+ thriller series Suspicion. All the information will be revealed about these perfect strangers this week. And they can decide for themselves, along with the rest of the world, whether they’ve been doing the right things for the wrong reasons.

This ecoterrorism lark has proven exciting so far. The first season of Suspicion closes on a satisfying note of audacious ambiguity about what happens next and who gets away.

Suspicion puts Uma Thurman in the hot seat [Apple TV+ recap]


Uma Thurman runs out of time in Suspicion
Uma Thurman runs out of time in Suspicion.
Photo: Apple TV+

The kidnapping suspects under Suspicion land in New York for their next rendezvous this week on Apple TV+’s thriller series.

As the noose tightens around them from the lead-hungry FBI and British police service, the group starts to look at each other askance more frequently than usual. Can they really trust each other? This week, there’s enough breathing room to soak up the tension. And Katherine Newman (played by Uma Thurman) finds herself in an uncomfortable situation.

The Suspicion five plan their getaway [Apple TV+ recap]


Suspicion recap: Things are getting dicey for Katherine (played by Uma Thurman).
Things are getting dicey for Katherine (played by Uma Thurman).
Photo: Apple TV+

The suspects are on the move this week on Apple TV+’s terrorism thriller Suspicion. As the five make their moves to leave the United Kingdom, there are loose ends to be tied up and strings they can’t see pulling puppets they can’t identify.

Secret identities and allegiances fall out of the woodwork left and right. And it seems like the next big chase is just around the corner. These people are far from safe.

The show’s thrills are now in the every idle second spent getting the characters from one place to the next, the big picture so fragile that one slip-up could shatter it to pieces.

Suspicion serves up a classic mystery riff [Apple TV+ recap]


Suspicion recap: Natalie (played by Georgina Campbell) goes sideways this week on Suspicion.
Natalie (played by Georgina Campbell) goes sideways this week on Suspicion.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+’s Suspicion has gathered its suspects together and now they have to decide who’s who — and more to the point, who’s guilty.

It’s a Ten Little Indians riff this week as everyone accuses everyone of being more guilty than they are. The suspects are going to have to come as clean as they can if they want to make it out of this bottle episode alive.

Rob Williams and his writers have crafted a nifty detour for these characters as they work together to figure out who’s put them in the spotlight and why. The nation is starting to think they’re heroes, but they might kill each other before any new evidence comes to light and they can prove their innocence.

Suspicion adds a new suspect — and an unexpected twist [Apple TV+ recap]


Kunal Nayyar and Tom Rhys-Harries in Suspicion
Aadesh and Eddie think maybe they can find the real kidnappers.
Photo: Apple TV+

The kidnapping of Leo Newman remains unsolved in this week’s episode of Apple TV+ thriller Suspicion, as a new suspect enters the game and the stakes jump into the rafters for all concerned. No one is ever going back to their old lives after this.

The original three suspects are taking stock of the damage done to their personal existences when in walks new patsy Eddie and Sean, the psychopath who looks to be out to get away with kidnapping and murder.

It’s been standard-issue mistaken identity so far. But what happens when the body count starts climbing? When the suspects increase without any rhyme or reason? This week’s mostly very solid episode of Suspicion starts asking harder questions — and giving more dispiriting answers.

Everyone’s got something to hide in Suspicion [Apple TV+ recap]


Georgina Campbell has fallen under Suspicion
It's a rough week for prime suspect Natalie (played by Georgina Campbell).
Photo: Apple TV+

New Apple TV+ thriller Suspicion spends some quality time with its suspected kidnappers this week. As Natalie’s alibis and facades begin to crumble, Aadesh’s life falls apart. Meanwhile, Katherine, Anderson and Vanessa all get impatient for breaks in the case.

This week’s well-acted and tightly paced episode is all about the little lies we tell to help our families — and what happens when we run out of convincing ones.

Kidnapping thriller Suspicion is riveting in all the right ways [Apple TV+ recap]


This thriller starts off fast and keeps you guessing.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ dips its toe into the well of Israeli TV production again for Suspicion. The show, which stars Uma Thurman and premieres Friday, is a no-nonsense, globetrotting thriller with plenty of real-world resonance.

Suspicion is based on False Flag, created by Maria Feldman and Amit Cohen, a binge-worthy series that centered on the murder of Hamas chief Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. But if the reception that other Apple TV+ geopolitical thrillers got is any indication, Suspicion faces an uphill climb to become a hit.

Suspicion trailer gives us a peek at new Uma Thurman thriller for Apple TV+


Suspicion for Apple TV+
You can watch it from February 4.
Image: Apple

The first trailer for Suspicion, a new Apple TV+ thriller starring Uma Thurman, sets up the series’ intriguing storyline.

After the son of a prominent American businesswoman, played by Thurman, is kidnapped from a New York hotel, four seemingly ordinary British citizens who just happened to be there that night find themselves caught up in an investigation.