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Save with Cyber Monday deals on tools for cloud storage and online security


Degoo Mega CoM
Save more than 90% on massive cloud storage deals and powerful VPNs, great gifts for anyone with a digital dimension to their life.
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Storage and security are among the most important resources in our digital lives. So we rounded up four great deals on massive cloud storage accounts and VPN protection, to make sure you stay safe, anonymous and never run out of space. Even better, they’re available at truly massive discounts. To save an additional 40% on apps and software, apply the code CMSAVE40 at checkout.

Why should you use a VPN on your iPhone and Mac?


Surfshark VPN
Surfshark VPN helps you secure unlimited Apple devices.
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This VPN post is presented by Surfshark.

Humans use the internet for almost everything. That’s hardly a revolutionary statement, but it’s crucial to keep in mind. From theater tickets to bank accounts, if we can have it all on one handheld device, why not do it? It’s convenient and easy.

But with that convenience comes risks. Typically, humans adapt to new technology — but so do criminals, shady corporations and marketing agencies looking to profit off as many internet users as possible.

That’s why virtual private networks (VPNs) have become popular. While the internet security product was initially created for corporations to protect their assets, demand eventually grew for everyday internet users. The market is ever-growing, and there’s a VPN for everyone, whether you want a free or a premium product. One of the top-rated and affordable options is Surfshark — a humanized VPN for anyone and everyone.