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Google Street View app adds iPhone X support


Google Street View on iPhone X
Street View looks even better on iPhone X.
Photo: Google

The official Google Street View app has been updated to take full advantage of the iPhone X’s stunning Super Retina HD display.

It’s one of the last Google apps to get iPhone X support, following an update to Inbox that (after a very lengthy wait) rolled out last month. Users can also look forward to improvements to 360-degree panoramas.

Nokia’s iPhone X clone is amazingly affordable


Nokia X5 iPhone X clone
The Nokia X5 looks like an iPhone X, but is nowhere near as expensive.
Photo: HMD Global

Just like every other smartphone maker, Nokia now offers its own iPhone X clone.

The Nokia X5 gives buyers a 5.86-inch edge-to-edge display and impressive specifications at an amazingly affordable price tag. There’s just one problem for now.

Google Inbox will get iPhone X support ‘soon’


Google Inbox iPhone
We don't need two Gmail clients anymore.
Photo: Google

Google Inbox will finally be optimized for iPhone X “soon,” according to a new report.

Google has been working hard to update its most important iOS apps for Apple’s flagship smartphone since it made its debut last November — but Inbox, its nicest Gmail client, has somehow been neglected. Now that Gmail’s big redesign is out of the way, that’s set to change.

iPhone X makes apps look horrible … for now


iPhone X wild
This photo of iPhone X highlights an ugly problem.
Photo: EddiOS42/Reddit

The edge-to-edge display on iPhone X is going to make everything we do look spectacular. That’s what Apple tells us, at least. But the truth is, a lot of your favorite apps are going to look downright horrible when you first start using one.

This picture of an iPhone X in the wild highlights an ugly problem Apple’s new smartphone will face when it makes its big debut next month.