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Think you can’t afford a soundbar and subwoofer with surround sound? Sony disagrees.


Sony's new soundbar and subwoofer combo add surround sound to your TV for $300.
Sony's new soundbar and subwoofer combo add surround sound to your TV for $300.
Photo: Sony

Hot on the heels of Denon’s launch of a soundbar-and-subwoofer combo with Dolby Atmos for just $449, Sony said Thursday it will offer its own affordable surround-sound rig for only $300. It’s the HT-S400 2.1ch Soundbar, set for launch in April.

At that price, Sony’s new soundbar looks like a solid budget-friendly option for stellar TV audio. Pumping out 330W of sound, it comes with a wireless subwoofer, easy connectivity to the company’s newest TVs and an OLED heads-up display.

Judging by the Denon and Sony launches, it appears an era of high-quality, affordable TV audio solutions is upon us. After all, just months ago, companies raced to put out similar gear that cost many hundreds of dollars more, in many cases.

Nyne Bass portable Bluetooth speaker plays and shares your music like a boss



Having a day out or a night in with friends who all want to DJ a song or two? The magnificent new Nyne Bass pairs with mobile devices faster than you can say NFC-Bluetooth and lets everyone share their songs instantly — and clear. And loud.

The Bass is aptly named, with tons of low end balanced by rich overall sound. And you don’t need to have company, of course — the Nyne Bass makes an excellent home audio system to have in the kitchen, bedroom or living room. Or garden. Paired to your device using Bluetooth and with an impressive 10-hour battery, you can pick it up by its clever carrying handle and port it around anywhere.

BassJump 2: The Tiny Subwoofer That Greatly Improves Your MacBook’s Sound [Review]



As laptop speakers go, those built into Apple’s MacBooks aren’t bad — particularly if you have a MacBook Pro. But they can be so much better. Plug Twelve South’s BassJump 2 into one of your USB ports and you have a mini sound-system that dramatically improves your MacBook’s audio performance.

BassJump 2 by Twelve South
Category: Audio
Works With: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
Price: $69.99

Whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or just enjoying a podcast, the BassJump 2 subwoofer gives you significantly richer and fuller sound that you won’t believe is coming from your MacBook. There’s no need for expensive external speakers that take up too much room in your bag, or headphones that limit the experience to just one person.

The BassJump 2 is priced at $69.99, and Twelve South calls it “an essential road tool for listening to and editing tracks on the tour bus, hotel room or anyplace else your music takes you.” Now, I’m no musician or music producer — but I definitely agree.