Vine Is Now Rated 17+ To Save You From The #Porn Tag


Top free app in the US is nothing to sneeze at.
A bottle of lubricant filed in Vine. Just one of the many sexually charged videos you can see in this 17+ rated app!

Remember all the stupidity about 500px getting pulled from the iOS App Store because it was possible to see artful photographs of professional models exposing body parts that literally every person on the Earth has underneath their clothes? Which was all the more hysterical because Apple’s “Editor’s Choice” at the time was Vine, an app in which you are just a click of the #porn tag away from seeing an endless stream of anonymous masturbators wave their foreskins at you?

Well, 500px solved its problem with Apple by adopting a 17+ iTunes rating, and now Vine is doing the same.

Today’s Stupidest “Exclusive Report” Says Apple’s Siri-Controlled iTV Will Arrive By April [Uh, No.]



The hope of a new Apple product on the horizon tends to make tech blogs a little fanciful, sometimes even delusional, so it’s hard to fault Techno Buffalo too much for their “exclusive” report that an Apple-made OLED HDTV with Siri functionalities — the much talked about iTV — is coming out “this April, or possibly May at the latest.” Hey, we all get carried away from time to time.

That said, TechnoBuffalo’s report isn’t too be trusted. In fact, it’s total bullshit. Here’s why.

iPhone 5 Launches November 21st, Says UK Phone Retailer



Conventional wisdom has held that the next iPhone won’t ship until September, at Apple’s annual iPod event. That’s three months later than Apple’s historic iPhone release cycles would suggest.

If the idea of waiting an extra three months for your next phone gets your blood boiling, though, it might get even worse: one report is now suggesting that the next iPhone won’t ship until November 21st.

New Photos And Video About Working Conditions At Foxconn By French Photojournalist Are Exploitative


It’s close to Christmas, but not so close that there’s no stupid to report, so here’s your Yuletide dose: French site La Vie and photohournalist Jordan Pouille are again claiming that Foxconn is Hell on Earth.

Not that you’d come to that conclusion yourself, as the photoessay itself consigns itself to bookending shots of the barred windows at Foxconn’s dormitories (to prevent suicides) with shots of workers going to work, performing coordinated dances, shopping at malls, listening to pop music and shopping for food. What an Auschwitz, right?