ZCast on iPhone
ZCast now supports high-definition audio recording.
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Olloclip’s Studio is a protective iPhone case that will perfect your photos


Olloclip is cementing its reputation as a leading iPhone accessory maker.
Photo: Olloclip

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverageOlloclip has long been one of the best accessory-makers for the iPhone. At CES, the company introduced its latest innovation — a brand new protective case for the iPhone, which features a patent-pending integrated rail-mounting system and a series of mountable photography accessories.

IKlip Studio iPad Stand Is Sturdy Enough For Rock Stars


Sturdy, cheap (-ish) and flexible. There's a lot to like about the iKlip
Sturdy, cheap (-ish) and flexible. There's a lot to like about the iKlip

You know, I used to think custom iPad stands were kind of a dumb idea, especially as the Smart Cover is already a stand. But I watch movies and TV shows in bed with The Lady, using an iPad and JamBox balanced on one of those breakfast tray/table things. And after one too many iPad tumbles, I’m ready for a sturdier stand.

And the iKlip looks as good as any.

Deals: Three Photo Effects Apps Worth $215 For Just $35!



Everyone wants to be an amazing photographer now days. That’s the reason why Apple updated the iPhone’s camera right? Unfortunately, taking breathtaking photos isn’t as easy as buying the new iPhone 4S and taking random pictures of the sun behind trees changing colors with the season. Don’t worry though, Cult of Mac is here to help you take your photography skills to the next level.

Whether you’re wanting to make a serious dent in the photography universe, or just trying to impress your friends on Instagram and Facebook, we got three amazing apps that will pour life into your photos. Best of all, the Mac Photo Effects FamilyPack Bundle gives you five licenses of FX Photo Studio Pro and five copies of ColorSplash Studio so you can spread the joy and give a couple copies to your friends so their pictures can look great too.

So what all is in this bundle worth $215 that you can get for $35?

iMovie a Mobile Video Studio in Your Pocket [Review]



Apple’s iMovie is an app designed to run exclusively on the iPhone 4, but it will actually run on an iPhone 3GS by applying a hack. The app puts a mobile video studio in your pocket and gives you another creative way to use your iPhone by offering you some nice video editing and enhancement features. You can turn otherwise boring videos into something more exciting with it. It won’t replace iMovie or Final Cut on your Mac, but as a portable alternative to those apps it can be pretty handy.