Marvel Run Jump Smash! Reduces The Most Powerful Beings In The Universe To Powerups [Review]


Marvel Run Jump Smash

It’s been, like, a whole day since I’ve reviewed an endless game, so it’s a good thing they come out so regularly. I don’t even know how to handle games that don’t constantly scroll anymore.

Marvel Run Jump Smash! by Studio Ex
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

Marvel Run Jump Smash! features cartoon-styled versions of Marvel Cinematic Universe characters (and some other superpowered guests) who are perpetually sprint after Loki, the adopted brother of Thor and villain from The Avengers, to reclaim the Cosmic Cube, which is what I will always call it because “The Tesseract” makes me cringe, and all of this just makes me sound like a giant nerd, but the point is that it’s an endless runner with superheroes.

It’s not a great one, but hey. Marvel.