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Spotify paid subscribers outgrow Apple Music


Spotify app now playing screen
Spotify and Apple Music are competitors, but both play on iPhone.
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Spotify enjoys strong growth, with the number of paid subscribers to this streaming music service up 29% year over year. At last report, rival Apple Music wasn’t growing so strongly.

Apple Music finally passes Spotify in U.S. paid subscribers


Apple Music
Apple Music beat its biggest rival in the U.S.
Photo: Apple

More Americans pay to listen to Apple Music than Spotify. The Swedish company had been ahead since the iPhone maker got into the streaming music business back in 2015, but Apple finally closed the gap. And its growth is continuing to outpace its rival in the US.

Spotify still has many more paid subscribers globally, however.,

EU may finally allow Apple to buy Shazam


Shazam iPhone
The wait for Apple to acquire a popular music-identification app is almost over.
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Apple has been trying to buy Shazam since last December, but the deal has been held up for months by regulators in the EU. That’s reportedly just about to change.

It’s likely Apple wants this music-identification app as part of its ongoing battle with Spotify.

Apple and Verizon begin an ‘exclusive partnership’ with music deal


Get an extended trial of Apple Music with your Verizon Unlimited plan.
Photo: Apple

U.S. telecoms try to lure new customers with free streaming services. Verizon has teamed up with Apple to offer half a year of Apple Music at no additional cost.

What’s even ore interesting is that the wireless provider calls this “just the first step in an exclusive partnership with Apple.”

Discover new music you’ll love with Spotify [50 Essential iOS Apps #39]


Spotify app now playing screen
Spotify and Siri are finally a team.
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50 Essential iOS Apps: Spotify Streaming music has revolutionized the way we listen to music on the go. Starting with streaming radio, and quickly evolving to carrying millions of songs in your pocket (thanks to cellular data), streaming services have enabled incredible access and discovery of great music.

With Spotify, you can experience your favorites and discover great new music better than ever, thanks to algorithmic intelligence and some genius features.

Ad blitz will make listening to music on YouTube unbearable — on purpose


YouTube Music
A for-pay YouTube music service is in development, but free users have to be convinced to switch.
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Freeloaders who use YouTube as a cheap alternative to Apple Music should get ready to be annoyed. YouTube is about to intentionally irritate users who treat the video site as a jukebox by increasing ads between songs.

The goal? Driving subscriptions to an as-yet-unannounced paid YouTube music service.

Spotify meets iPod shuffle in this clip-on music player [Deals]


Play all your favorite Spotify playlists with this water-resistant personal music player.
Play all your favorite Spotify playlists with this water-resistant personal music player.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Things happen in cycles, and portable music is no exception. After records, tapes and CDs came the iPod. The iPod shuffle took the form of a small, screenless clicker. With the dawn of streaming services, portable music storage became less relevant — or so we thought.

Apple Music puts a human face on the mess that music’s become


Jimmy Iovine talks up Apple Music at WWDC 2015.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s big idea for transforming the way we experience music is bringing a personal touch — and a simple, unified platform — to the tangled technological mess that music’s become in 2015. Apple Music is classic Apple: putting a human face on technology that threatens to overwhelm us.

Tim Cook brought out high-profile artists, and Apple’s team of industry insiders, to show off what he called “the next chapter in music” today at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

“I know your are going to love it,” Cook said, introducing Apple Music. “It will change the way that you experience music forever.”

Here’s what Apple Music will bring to your ears.