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Apple’s Monstrous Mega-Earnings And Must-Have Mac Apps On Our Newest CultCast



You should probably check if your cash is still in your wallet… ’cause according to Apple’s recent earnings call, they just made all the money. We put some perspective on just how huge Apple’s Q1 cash hoard was on our all-new CultCast, then expertly deconstruct Tim Cook’s cryptic words about new and unannounced products.

But wait, there’s more! From iOS 7, to bigger-screen iPhones, to our favorite Mac apps, we answer your Facebook questions in our newest segment, CultCast Q&A.

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Indian Retail Rules Stand In The Way Of The First Indian Apple Store


It could be several years before India gets its first Apple store.
It could be several years before India gets its first Apple store.

Apple’s retail stores bring in customers like no other retail outlet on the planet, and so it’s no surprise the Cupertino company is keen to build more of them. One possible market for expansion could be India, where Apple is currently forced to sell its products through distributors. However, one Indian retail rule, which states foreign companies must source 30% of the value of their sales from local firms, could stand in its way.

Samsung Builds Fake Apple Store To Shoot Anti-iPhone 5 Ad


You look familiar.

Samsung has begun shooting its next commercial, and like previous ads, this one will poke fun at Apple and its users — namely those who will be purchasing the new iPhone 5 this week. Unfazed by its recent court loss, the Korean company has erected a fake Apple store, complete with Macs and iOS devices, just so that it can mock every consumer using a rival device in a 30-second video.

Photos of the set, which is currently being constructed in Los Angeles, have begun making their way around the web, and they show the store in all its glory, with fake banners, and even fake Geniuses.

Apple Starts Selling (Then Quietly Pulls) New Thunderbolt-To-Firewire Adapter Through Online Store (Update: It’s Back!)



Early this morning, Apple put up a product page for a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter cable on the online Apple Store. Selling for $29.00, the cable would allow Mac owners to run their old Firewire accessories through Apple’s new Thunderbolt standard.

It appears, however, that Apple wasn’t ready for this product to be announced quite yet, as after the new product broke, the page was quietly pulled for unknown reasons. It also doesn’t show up in store search results.

It’s probably a matter of one of Apple’s web monkeys pushing the “go live” button a few hours prematurely, but we’ll let you know when the Thunderbolt to Firewire cable goes back on sale.

Update: It’s back!

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Via: Apple Insider

Did An Apple Store In Vancouver Just Get Punk’d By Samsung?



No sir, that’s not an Apple store you’re looking at, that there is a bona fide Samsung store. What looks like an episode of Punk’d, is actually Samsung’s first Canadian retail store in Metro Vancouver. This 140-square-metre store is located in Burnaby’s Metropolis at Metrotown and offers a plethora of Samsung’s latest mobile devices, as well as demo stations to see how they function and interact with other Samsung products such as TVs.

Apple Hopes To Increase Genius Bar Capacity With New Table Layout


Apple's new Genius Bar layout provides room for 12 customers instead of the usual 7.
Apple's new Genius Bar layout provides room for 12 customers instead of the usual 7.

As Apple’s devices become increasingly popular, so do its retail stores. It’s almost impossible to walk into one and see a Genius without an appointment, and even with an appointment you can almost guarantee there will be a lengthy wait. But Apple hopes to improve this with a new Genius Bar layout that increases capacity from 7 to 12 customers, simply by turning a table 90° and adding a few extra stools.

Apple Introduces New Features To Its One To One Training Program


Apple's One to One sessions are perfect for those who want to learn more about their Mac or iOS devices.
Apple's One to One sessions are ideal for those who want to learn more about their Mac or iOS devices.

Apple has today introduced a number of new features to its One to One program, which provides personal and group training to those with Mac and iOS devices. In addition to a redesigned website, the $99 per year subscription service now offers shorter, 30-minute sessions; more tutorial videos; VoiceOver support for the visually impaired, and more.