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Picture this: Get a lifetime of HD stock photos for only $24


Add some life to your site with this black Friday deal.
Get a never-ending supply of beautiful images with this deal.
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It doesn’t matter how good your idea is. If your webspace looks bland, your traffic will suffer. A lifetime subscription to picjumbo stock photos gives you access to thousands of high-resolution images.

These amazing stock photos come pre-organized so they’re easy to use. And for Black Friday, you can get the lifetime sub for just $23.40 (regularly $599) with coupon code BFSAVE40.

Get over 400,000 diverse, authentic stock photos for $20


Add some life to your social media with diverse stock photos.
Scopio gives you access to a growing library of more than 400,000 stock photos.
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You have the site, the app, the ad deal, the social media — all the things you need to get your voice, name or business out there. The only thing you need are pictures to populate everything. Unfortunately, free, open-source images — particularly pictures of people — are incredibly limited.

Instead of dealing with strange stock photos that lack diversity, try Scopio Authentic Stock Photography. Its standard lifetime subscription is on sale now for only $20.30 in honor of Labor Day. But act fast, because this deal is only available for a few days.

Get thousands of commercial-ready stock photos for less than $30


Picjumbo gives you thousands of stock photos for life.
Make Stunning Websites, Templates, Apps & Blog Posts with Access to 6,000+ High-Resolution Images.
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You can be the best web developer around, but if you don’t have appealing, relevant images to populate your websites, apps, and other creations, then your audience won’t be interested. As important as engaging imagery can be, you also don’t want to limit yourself to pictures you’ve haphazardly taken and the dregs that end up on free open-source sites. If you want premium stock photos that will work for anything you build, then check out picjumbo Stock Photos. For a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription to picjumbo for only $27.30 when you use the code ANNUAL30 for Cult of Mac’s Semi-Annual Sale.

Get unlimited lifetime access to this stock photo service for less than $30


Get unlimited high quality stock photos for your business for life
With this incredibly priced sub, you get more than 400,000 royalty-free images from around the world.
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Whether they’re for your website, social media profiles, sales presentations or marketing materials, every business needs great images. That’s not just a nice-to-have, but a fact: 90% of all data processed by the brain is visual, making images more memorable than any text. And when it comes to online content, images have been shown to perform 4.4 times better than text-based content alone.

However … producing your own photoshoots can be extremely expensive. And getting the rights to use great photography can prove even more pricey. Thankfully, Scopio Stock Photography is changing the game when it comes to making great images affordable. For a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription to the service, plus $30 store credit, for just $29.99. That’s a staggering 99% off the value of $3,480. And yes, that’s even one cent less than the store credit you’ll get back with this limited-time deal.

Access more than 100,000 high-quality stock photos and 3D objects with this app


Stock Photos
Get the eye-catching photos you need for your projects.
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When it comes to stock photography, you can never have too many options — or too big of a budget. If you need a steady supply of high-quality images for your website or promotional materials, but don’t want to break the bank on costly single shots, this Icons8 subscription will give you the eye-popping visuals you need.

This discounted one-year plan lets you choose from more than 100,000 stock photos, 3D-rendered objects and backgrounds that will make your project(s) look totally pro. It also comes with easy-to-use software that lets you tweak and combine images to your heart’s content. And it works on Mac and iOS (as well as Windows and Android).

Get early access to Black Friday pricing on over 3 million design assets


3 Million + Design Assets Super Bundle: Get lifetime access to crucial design assets at one unbeatable price.
Get lifetime access to crucial design assets at one unbeatable price.
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Whether you’re putting together a pitch deck or helping a client develop their company logo, having an available repository of stock photos, vectors and icons is an invaluable time-saver — especially when the images have extended and commercial licenses available. This 3 Million+ Design Assets Super Bundle: Lifetime Subscription is perfect for entrepreneurs, small marketing teams and professional designers alike.

Supercharge your creative projects with a free GraphicStock trial



This post is brought to you by GraphicStock.

Having worked as a graphic designer years before my official role as a YouTuber, I know the importance of having ready-made graphics and photos at my disposal.

Lately I’ve been using GraphicStock, which is the place to go for all your illustration, vector and stock photo needs (and also a sponsor of Cult of Mac‘s YouTube videos). For a guided tour of GraphicStock, and to take full advantage of a free seven-day trial of the service, check out the video below.

Adobe knows what stock photos will be hot, hot, hot in 2016


Quirky, personal tech will continue to attract.
Quirky, personal tech will continue to attract.
Photo: BIZOO_N / Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock thinks it knows the future.

At least, the stock photography collective run by Adobe Systems, thinks that photos showing personalized technology (wearables and VR headsets), hipster aesthetics (Instagram, beards, and flannel, anyone?), and more stylish selfies will rule the roost in the coming year.

What’s that mean to you? Well, chances are you’ll see more of these kinds of images in your Facebook and Instagram feeds, and every day advertising life. If you’re a creative professional, you’ll want to stay up on the trending imagery as it evolves over the coming months.

Here’s a rundown of the trends Adobe Stock thinks are coming your way in 2016.