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Holy cow! Apple hits $1.5 trillion market cap [Updated]


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Apple share price is well into record territory.
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A jump in Apple’s share price in the past two days pushed it over a milestone: On Wednesday, Apple became the first U.S. company valued by investors at more than $1.5 trillion.

AAPL shares have been on the rise for months. Last week, the stock made up all of the COVID-19-induced losses incurred earlier in the year, then headed into record territory.

Tech giants, including Apple, take a big plunge on the stock market


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Apple is on track to hit $1 trillion valuation this year.
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Tech stocks are dominating right now, but they got a bit of a wakeup call yesterday. Apple included.

According to a new report, a plethora of tech giants — inlcuding Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Nvidia, Tesla and Twitter — all suffered falls yesterday. It was the worst drop in the NYSE FANG+ Index, which tracks global tech giants, since it was established four years ago.

It’s not a great time to own Apple stock


Thelma and Louise take a turn as stock market analysts.
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Apple stock continued to tumble Friday, closing at $105.76 — down more than 20 percent from its all-time high of $134.50 earlier this year.

The precipitous drop is in line with dozens of other big-name stocks that have taken a turn for the worse in 2015, but what’s driving the downturn?

Apple now accounts for 10% of Nasdaq’s index value


This just keeps getting higher and higher. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

The Nasdaq has been flirting with busting past the 5000 mark for days now, but investors are blaming one stock on holding it back: AAPL.

Apple shares have ballooned to their highest value ever over the past month. After weeks of growth, the stock’s performance has been flattish the last few days, which is a big problem for Wall Street because Apple now accounts for 10% of the Nasdaq’s index value.

AAPL Stock Is Now At An All-Time High



Tomorrow’s earnings call should be an upbeat affair, if AAPL’s latest results are anything to go by: Apple’s stock just reached an all time high of $373 a share, up about 2.5%, and the company now has a market cap of just short of $350Bn. Wow.

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Fortune Thinks Apple’s Stock Price Is Being Illegally Manipulated



Apple’s stock is as good as gold, right? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean that it’s value can’t be manipulated. Writing for Fortune, Philip Elmer-DeWitt makes a shocking accusation: Apple’s share price is being manipulated by a mysterious cabal who are “pinning” the stock below its strike price and no one seems to be doing anything about it.