Trailer offers thrilling glimpse of Soderbergh’s new iPhone flick


Soderbergh iPhone film
Steven Soderbergh's latest iPhone film hits Netflix Feb. 8.
Screenshot: Netflix/You Tube

Netflix released a trailer this week for Steven Soderbergh’s latest iPhone masterpiece, High Flying Bird, with fast-moving scenes sure to excite broke and budding filmmakers.

This is the Oscar-winning director’s follow-up to his first iPhone feature film, Unsane, and delivers on his promise that all future films will be shot on iPhones.

Netflix picks up Steven Soderbergh’s latest movie shot on iPhone


Steven Soderbergh is an iPhone convert when it comes to shooting movies.
Photo: Nicolas Genin/Wikipedia CC

Netflix has bought the global distribution rights to Steven Soderbergh’s latest movie High Flying Bird — which, true to the iconic director’s previous word, was shot on iPhone.

This is the second movie by the Academy Award-winning director to be shot using one of Apple’s handsets. After the release of his last movie Unsane, Soderbergh said he was leaning toward shooting all his future projects on iPhone. It seems that he wasn’t kidding!

Photo fakery in smartphone ads shows genius of ‘Shot on iPhone’


Shot on iPhone
A picture and three words are advertising gold.
Photo courtesy of Jen Pollack Bianco

Within a week’s time, two of the Apple’s biggest rivals got caught using misleading photos in ad campaigns that promoted the quality of their smartphones’ built-in cameras.

The embarrassing screwups of Samsung and Huawei showcase the simple brilliance of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

Unsane actor says iPhone movie removes barriers for filmmakers


iPhone movie
Joshua Leonard on the set of Steven Soderbergh’s thriller Unsane.
Photo: Fingerprint Releasing / Bleecker Street

When director Steven Soderbergh set out to make a movie on iPhone, he cast an actor familiar with surprising audiences with a film shot with lo-tech cameras.

Astute film nerds will make the connection between Joshua Leonard’s first film with his most recent. Leonard, who plays a stalker in Soderbergh’s Unsane, was in The Blair Witch Project, a 1999 indie box office hit shot on digital video cameras.

Top Hollywood director’s new iPhone movie makes its debut


iPhone SE 2 could cost $399 just like the first-gen iPhone SE
Steven Soderbergh is a big fan of shooting on iPhone.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Director Steven Soderbergh’s new psychological thriller, Unsane, which was shot on an iPhone, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival this week.

The movie was shot over the course of just two weeks, considerably shorter than the typical shooting schedule on a feature film. It stars actress Claire Foy as a woman who moves to a new city to unsuccessfully escape a man who is stalking her. Check out the trailer below.

Steven Soderbergh ditches big-budget cameras for iPhone


iPhone X Rear
The iPhone X's 4K camera is a legit filmmaking tool.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

One of the biggest directors in Hollywood is ready to totally embrace filming on the iPhone.

Steven Soderbergh — whose titles include everything from Ocean’s Eleven to Magic Mike — filmed his latest movie entirely an iPhone. Only instead of using it as a gimmick, Soderbergh says he’s likely going to start using iPhone on most of his future films.


It's like a "pick your own adventure" experience.
Photo: HBO

Steven Soderbergh’s secret iPhone movie has Hollywood abuzz


Soderbergh iPhone movie
Director Steven Soderbergh has reportedly made movie magic with an iPhone.
Photo: YouTube

Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh has the kind of filmography that gives him plenty of negotiating power when requesting money to make a film.

But the star filmmaker is a fan of low-budget, experimental movie-making and one of his upcoming titles was reportedly shot on an iPhone.