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Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson On Apple’s Retail Success [Quotes]


Ron Johnson when he was with Apple
Ron Johnson and Steve Jobs at the grand opening of Apple's 5th Ave. store.
Photo: Richard Agullar

When Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s first retail stores in 2001, pundits said they were a costly mistake and he’d be closing them within a year. A decade later, Apple has reinvented retailing with a chain of 300 shops that make more money per square foot than Tiffany & Co.

Here are some of the best quotes from Jobs and the chief architect of the stores, Ron Johnson, about their retail philosophy, strategy, and execution.

There’s A Hidden Steve Jobs Tribute In OS X Lion



This is the icon for a new section of the Finder in Lion (Apple’s latest update to OS X) called “All My Files.” It helps users find recently-used files, listing them by type, date and so on.

Look carefully. The file cards contain some of Steve Jobs’ best-known quotes, including the words to the famous “Think Different” commercial.

Do you recognize the quotes?

Via Tuaw: Mac OS X Lion features hidden tribute to Steve Jobs