Lisey’s Story mixes psycho with silly in a very Stephen King-y episode [Apple TV+ review]


Lisey's Story review
Julianne Moore and Clive Owen go to a strange place in this week's episode.
Photo: Apple TV+

Our widowed protagonist comes face to face with the bane of her existence in this week’s episode of Lisey’s Story, the Stephen King miniseries currently giving Apple TV+ a welcome shot of weird. Lisey must face some painful memories in order to avoid an even more painful future.

Lisey’s Story looks like a Stephen King adaptation done right [Apple TV+ review]


Lisey's Story review: Julianne Moore shines in this adaptation of Stephen King's novel.
Julianne Moore shines in this adaptation of Stephen King's novel.
Photo: Apple TV+

With Lisey’s Story, Apple TV+ officially enters the Stephen King business, a step every streaming service must eventually take. The new miniseries, based on King’s novel of the same name, just so happens to boast an astonishing pedigree. So the inevitable move reads less like calculation and more like certainty for once.

This is a miniseries that, at least initially, looks like it’s firing on all cylinders.

Stephen King explains why Lisey’s Story is so close to his heart


‘Lisey’s Story’ premieres June 4 on Apple TV+.
Stephen King talks about his inspirations for writing Lisey’s Story, which debuts June 4 on Apple TV+.
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Stephen King makes no bones about it: Lisey’s Story is his favorite novel. He talks about why in a video released a week before the Apple TV+ premiers an adaptation starring Julianne Moore.

The author also discusses why he changed the story for the series.

Watch King explain it in his own words now:

Apple TV+ Lisey’s Story trailer hints at spooky things to come from Stephen King


Lisey's Story review: We're in for a wild ride in this Stephen King adaptation.
We're in for a wild ride in this Stephen King adaptation.
Photo: Apple TV+

Master storyteller Stephen King (everything from It and The Shining to Misery and The Stand) is coming to Apple TV+ on June 4.

More specifically, Lisey’s Story — one of the author’s most personal stories, and a rare adaptation he’s written the script for himself — is coming. And, from the look of the trailer, hopes should be pretty darn high.

Check out the trailer below.

Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story will find a portal to Apple TV+ on June 4


Lisey's Story
Knives, it turns out, are no substitute for an Apple Pencil.
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Lisey’s Story, an Apple TV+ series based on a 2006 Stephen King novel, will debut on Apple TV+ on June 4. It’s about the widow of a famous author who discovered a passageway to a parallel dimension that inspired his work.

Unlike many screen adaptations of King’s work, the horror master himself wrote the scripts for Lisey’s Story. The eight-part series stars Julianne Moore and Clive Owen. J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions produced the show.

Dane DeHaan lands role in Apple’s TV series written by Stephen King


Dane DeHaan speaking at Comic-Con International 2013.
Dane DeHaan speaks at Comic-Con International in 2013.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC

Apple TV+ finally filled the last major role for Lisey’s Story, its upcoming show written by horror legend Stephen King. Dane DeHaan reportedly landed a leading role opposite Julianne Moore in the limited series. King wrote the psychological horror novel upon which the series is based — and is writing the script for the Apple TV+ show as well.

Stephen King on The Morning Show: ‘What’s not to like?’


Stephen King
The director of Maximum Overdrive loves The Morning Show.
Photo: Stephanie Lawton/Wikipedia CC

Unlike many critics, horror legend Stephen King seems to be enjoying new Apple TV+ series The Morning Show.

In a tweet early Monday, King praised the show as “instantly involving,” with “characters you care about.” “What’s not to like?” he wrote. Coming from the writer behind It, The Shining and Shawshank Redemption, that’s high praise.