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Stephen Colbert Skewers Siri: “Only A Matter Of Time Before She Loses Her Job To The Mexican yoPhoñe” [Humor]



It’s not just Robin Williams making fun of Siri on national TV these days. Wry faux-conservative Stephen Colbert picked up his iPhone 4S the other day to address the recent controversy over Siri’s inability to find a single abortion clinic in New York, which Colbert describes as such an impossibility (“There’s one at the top of the Empire State Building”) that he summarily declares Siri to be a pro-life, racist arch-conservative, “like Laura Ingraham, except less robotic.” But who can blame her? As Colbert points out, it’s “only a matter of time before she loses her job to the Mexican yoPhoñe.”

Very funny. If you like Colbert, check it out.

Even Stephen Colbert Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs [Video]



He’s one of the most important men in the world – or at least he plays one on TV – but even Stephen Colbert paused to take a few moments yesterday in his show to pay tribute to Steve Jobs passing. Stephen has long been an Apple gadget fan, and in this fitting segment he looks back on the times he has showed off his new toys on the show. Classic Colbert, and another example of the impact of Steve Jobs.