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Labor Day deals on language-learning apps? Oui, si, ja!


Check out these Labor Day deals on language learning apps.
You can get creative with these language-learning apps.
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Learning a new language is a lot like learning anything else: It’s not a one-and-done situation. You might be able to build up your vocabulary and work toward fluency using one language-learning app, but what if another one can help you in a different way?

During our Labor Day Sale, you don’t have to choose between language apps. Instead, you can bundle a couple together and get a discount on the lot of them. As long as your total is $49 or more, you can save 20% with code YOURWAY20 if you buy two items or 30% with code YOURWAY30 for three or more. We might have the perfect three apps to get you started, but there are plenty more Cult of Mac Deals in our Labor Day Collection.

Learn something new, fun and potentially lucrative with StackSkills


Learn something new with StackSkills, only $69 during our Back to Education event.
Get lifetime access to more than 1,000 e-learning courses for just $69 during our Back to Education event.
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If you’ve got the drive, you can pick up a new hobby, get primed to embark on a different career or simply learn something for the heck of it with StackSkills Unlimited. With more than 1,000 courses ranging from graphic design to guitar, there’s plenty of room to follow a new passion with this excellent online learning platform.

Frankly, there may never be a wrong time to learn something new. But the right time is during our Back to Education event. During this sale, you can get lifetime access to StackSkills Unlimited for only $69 (regularly $99). No coupon is needed, but the event ends August 24.

Open your MacBook and learn something you’ll never forget with this Rosetta Stone bundle


Learn from the comfort of your Macbook with this bundle.
This lifetime learning bundle is like a college catalog on your Mac iPhone.
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You’re only done learning when you choose to be. Sure, you might be out of school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t study something exciting and valuable. For instance, how does picking up a new language or hobby sound?

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle offers lessons in more than a thousand fun and practical topics you can access from your iPhone or MacBook, and it even comes with lifetime access to language app Rosetta Stone. For a limited time, this colossal learning bundle is on sale for $159.20 (regularly $1,794) with code ROSETTA20.

Get a lifetime of learning, plus a powerful note-taking app, in this $29 bundle


This bundle gives you tons of awesome classes and a great notes app.
Take control of your future with this incredibly affordable bundle.
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Being done with school doesn’t have to mean you’re done learning. These days, you can learn exactly what you want, however you want, and at your own pace.

Sound appealing? The Lifetime Project Professional Agenda 14 Premium Bundle gives you two things to make learning beyond the classroom truly rewarding. It pairs an app to make note-taking and project management simple with a vast catalog of courses to choose and learn from at your leisure.

Plus, it’s affordable. This learning bundle is on sale for a limited time at only $29 (regularly $1,529).

6 apps travelers love that can teach you a new language quickly


The best language learning apps for your summer travels.
Start getting ready for your summer travels right now.
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Exploring the world may feel more rewarding when you can speak the local language. With a firm grasp of the native tongue, you should be able to read and ask for practical things like directions, understand instructions and signage, and build genuine connections with folks you would never have been able to otherwise.

Simply, when you speak the local language, travel is completely transformed. Thankfully, you already have everything you need to brush up on the phrases you need for your next trip — and it’s likely right in your pocket! There’s no easier or more convenient way to learn a language than with a great language-learning app for your iPhone, iPad or other device.

So, ahead of your summer travels, here are six excellent language learning apps that are on sale right now. All you need to do is choose the best one for you and have the most fulfilling vacation ever!

Cut the repetition and learn something new with this Mac app bundle


Get more from your day with these apps and courses.
Eliminating annoying repetitive tasks will free up time to do interesting things.
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It’s hard to squeeze the most out of your day when you’re just trying to get through it. Optimizing your productivity takes work and thought, and sometimes all you can manage is maintenance instead of learning and growing from your experiences.

This bundle can turn that around. The Mac Productivity App Bundle & Lifetime Access to StackSkills gives you tools and courses that can change how much you can get done in a day. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for $49 (regularly $1,511).

Learn languages and pick up other life-changing skills with this Rosetta Stone bundle


This bundle gives you Rosetta Stone and thousands of classes.
Learn 24 languages and thousands of skills with this bundle.
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The great thing about being an adult is deciding what you get to learn. You can pick up a new language, learn to code, figure out what marketing actually is — anything you want.

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle featuring Rosetta Stone consists of two complementary components. All together, it gives you the tools to learn loads of new languages and skills. And for a limited time, it costs just $169.15 (regularly $1,794) with coupon LEARN10NOW.

Learn valuable new skills (and up to 6 languages) with this bundle


Learn important new skills with this language bundle.
Develop new skills with this deeply discounted educational bundle.
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Want a great way to learn something new and advance your career without take a traditional class? This Language Learner Lifetime Subscription Bundle featuring uTalk includes “forever” subscriptions to a skills-based educational platform and an intuitive language-learning platform.

It’s the ideal way to learn a new language, take a marketing course, understand how to run your own business, bring your design ideas to life, and more. Basically, wherever your intellectual curiosity directs you, this bundle can guide you there.

Get a VPN, 12 months of PlayStation Plus and more for only $79


This epic deal gives you gaming, security & education.
This bundle delivers a virtual private network, ultimate PlayStation gaming and enough educational offerings to make your head explode.
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Whether you want to secure your online experience, game your woes away, or learn a valuable new skill in 2022, this PlayStation Plus, VPN Unlimited, StackSkills Super Bundle gives you access to it all.

After all, life is all about balance. And this bundle gives you the best of each world, neatly packaged in one epic deal.

Learn topics from Spanish to C+ with this post-Cyber Monday deal


Learn everything with this black Friday deal.
Indulge your curiosity with this Black Friday deal.
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Even if you know there’s always more to learn, actually doing the learning can be difficult without guidance. You may know that more than half the people in the world speak two languages, but that doesn’t make learning another on your own any easier, and that’s just one skill.

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle featuring Rosetta Stone can give you the guidance you need to pick up languages and pretty much any other skill. And in our post-Cyber Monday sale, it costs just $134.10 (regularly $1,794) with coupon code LEARN10NOW.