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Apple: We’ve patched ‘many’ iOS vulnerabilities exposed by WikiLeaks


These apps' iOS widgets will give your iPhone superpowers.
Keep your iPhone up to date to ensure it's as safe as can be.
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Apple insists it has already patched “many” of the iOS vulnerabilities that were exposed in WikiLeaks’ CIA document dump Tuesday.

Cupertino says it is working to address any identified holes that weren’t already patched, and the company reminds fans that the software built for iPhone boasts the best data security available to consumers.

The super-thin iPhone cases you’ve been waiting for are here


Totallee thin iPhone cases
These super-slim iPhone cases by Totallee offer maximum protection and minimum bulk.
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This post is brought to you by Totallee.

You know that feeling when you get a new iPhone case and find yourself wondering why it couldn’t be just a little — maybe even a lot — thinner? Sickening, right?

After all, the iPhone was designed to sit in your hand like a slender sliver of shiny wonder. The more it gets sheathed in armor, the less it feels like the sleek, tactile technological marvel that it is.

Want to see if your iPhone’s been hacked? There’s an app for that


hacking pic
You might think your iPhone's safe, but are you sure?
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You could be using a jailbroken iPhone containing malicious software that spies on your every move and you wouldn’t even know it.

It might be unlikely, but it happens, and you should be aware of it — especially if you buy used devices. Fortunately, you can now get a simple app that tells you in an instant whether your iPhone or iPad has been hacked.

The 11 most inspiring, imaginative and all-around best movies of 2015


Best movies of 2015
Our favorite movies of the year were both big and small.
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Cult of Mac's Best of 2015It was a little tough to whittle our choices for the best movies of 2015 down to 11, but we did.

If you’d told us five years ago that we’d be getting new Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Mad Max movies, and that they’d all respect their predecessors while forging their own paths, we’d have ask the bartender for whatever you’d been drinking. But all of those things happened, and 2015 was better for it.

We also got some great original movies, including some charming comedies and one of the scariest monsters in recent memory. It was a pretty good time, regardless of your tastes, is what we’re getting at.

Here are our picks in no particular order.

Meet The Android-Powered ‘Blackphone’ Designed To Stop The Spies



Having your phone calls listened to and your text messages read remotely is a genuine concern for many smartphone owners now that we’ve gotten an insight into the activities of the NSA spies. We’ve quickly learned that our seemingly secure devices are like an open book for those who have the knowledge and the power to get into them.

But the Blackphone, an Android-powered smartphone from Silent Circle and Geeksphone, is designed to ensure that your private data remains private, and cannot be obtained by even the snoopiest of snoopers. 

Apple Forms Alliance With Google, Microsoft And Others To Push For NSA Transparency


Apple logo
A former Apple lawyer faces criminal insider trading charges.
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Apple and some of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies have been under heavy fire ever since info on the National Security Administration’s PRISM program leaked to the public last month.

In response to the public’s outcry that tech companies are working with the NSA to pilfer personal info on targets of interest, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and others have formed a broad alliance with civil liberties groups that will tomorrow demand for increased transparency regarding the U.S. government’s spy programs on citizens.

All Things D reports that the alliance will publish a letter Thursday, demanding President Obama and Congress allow tech companies to provide reports on information requests related to national security.

iKeyGuard is the First Key Logger for iPhone



A new application called iKeyGuard is the first key logger for the iPhone, and is now available to jailbroken devices through Cydia. The application runs discretely in the background and keeps a record of every single key pressed on the device.

iKeyGuard is $9.99 and is simple to install; just download the package from Cydia and it will start working as soon as it’s installed. The application’s main menu is accessed through Safari in order to be discrete, and this is where you can access your archive of key logs. You can also have them emailed to you at different intervals.

Its developer advertises iKeyGuard as a way of ensuring your employees are keeping your data safe, but we’re sure its main use will be to spy on kids and spouses.

If you want to be a little creepy, you can access the package from the BigBoss repo, which is installed with Cydia as default. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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