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Spark for Mac redesign focuses on boosting your productivity


Spark for Mac gets a redesign
Spark for Mac gets a big redesign.
Photo: Readdle

Popular email client Spark is getting a significant redesign for Mac. It completely overhauls how you approach your inbox, with features like priority email, Smart Inbox, and a Command Center.

Spark is also moving towards a premium model with a new subscription tier. You can continue using the app for free if you don’t need the premium features.

Try these 6 great utility and productivity apps for Mac


Many apps can make using your MacBook or iMac even easier, as well as more productive.
Many apps can make using your MacBook or iMac even easier, as well as more productive.
Photo: Apple

Want more out of your Mac? These six suggestions for solid software are presented by our friends at SaaSGenius.

Though many of us associate the wide world of apps with our iPhones and iPads, they’re crucial for making the most of your MacBook or iMac, too. The best Mac apps can help you expand on your Mac’s capabilities in fun and interesting ways.

Macs are famously easy to use, but great apps make them even easier. And the right apps can jack up your productivity, too. Sometimes the only trouble is finding the best ones.

The list below covers some of our favorite apps to install on a new Mac. Some are free in the App Store (available in your Mac’s Dock or under the Apple menu at top left of your screen). Others you can download from developers’ websites.

Spark email app: A powerhouse for iPhone, iPad and Mac [Awesome Apps]


Spark - featured image

Awesome Apps is a new series highlighting the best apps around. We will feature our favorite apps as well as new and notable ones. Apps are transformative, and these are the best.

I’ve spent years searching the App Store for the best email app – and in doing so, I’ve tried them all. Spark is my favorite because it equips users with accessible power features, which make wrangling email on iOS, iPadOS and macOS as easy as ABC.

When friends of mine bemoan the limitations of Apple’s built-in Mail app, I point them to Spark, from Ukrainian developer Readdle. Spark is by no means a new addition to the App Store. But over the years, the developer added a strong set of features – many of which found their way into other email clients for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Adobe bundles easy-to-use photo and video tools in Creative Cloud Express


Adobe's new Creative Cloud Express app aims to make content creation easier for all.
Adobe's new Creative Cloud Express app aims to make content creation easier for all.
Photo: Adobe

With its launch Monday of the Creative Cloud Express mobile and web app, Adobe bundles tools from its Creative Cloud Suite and Acrobat PDF into a simple platform amateurs can use to create a variety of projects. The app means to make it simple to make social media posts, promotional posters, invitations, videos and more.

How to change the iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 default email application


How to change iOS default email application
Changing the iPhone or iPad default email application is now possible. And easy.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple just removed one of the biggest remaining restrictions from the iPhone and iPad. It’s finally possible to change the default email application in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 to something other than Apple Mail.

Making the change is easy. However, a current limitation will delay many people from taking immediate advantage of it.

Apple Watch finally gets cellular support in New Zealand


Apple Watch Series 5 California Face
It could be one of many new faces.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Apple Watch users in New Zealand can now take advantage of cellular connectivity on compatible devices.

Local carrier Spark has become the first to roll out eSIM support and a new plan aimed specifically at wearables. It only serves Apple Watch Series 5 for now — but support for other devices will come later.

Google Inbox will be wiped out next month


Google Inbox iPhone
We don't need two Gmail clients anymore.
Photo: Google

It’s nearly the end of the road for Google Inbox.

A new popup that has started appearing inside the Inbox app confirms it will be closed down on April 2. Fans of the email client have just two weeks to find an alternative, but Google recommends another of its own.

Spark now lets you delegate emails to your colleagues


Spark delegate email
It's as easy as that!
Photo: Readdle

Spark, the popular email client from Readdle, now lets you turn messages into tasks and delegate them to your colleagues.

The feature is available inside the latest Spark update on Mac and iOS. Readdle says it will be particularly useful for CEOs, managers, and team leaders who need to pass on communications and keep track of their progress.