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Avoid spam calls and texts by adding a second number to your phone


Avoid spam calls and texts by adding a second number to your phone.
Fight back against spam calls and texts with this affordable subscription.
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The last few years have seen a huge rise in spam calls and texts, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck listening to strangers ask you about your car’s extended warranty forever. Adding another number to your phone can help you filter out the calls and texts you don’t want to answer.

A Hushed private phone line gives you full control of a second phone number — and it’s only $24.99 for lifetime access! That’s a small price to pay for freedom from spammers.

Eliminate spam calls and texts with this discounted subscription


This discounted subscription is your key to cutting down spam calls and texts.
Regain control of your iPhone with this low-cost, spam-killing subscription.
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With scammers increasingly desperate to take advantage of people, random calls and texts have become a primary tool for fraudsters. Robocalls are an unfortunate trend you’ve likely experienced in your own life. And they can quickly get out of control, exposing phone owners of all ages to vulnerable situations.

As we ring in 2023, we’ve got a limited-time offer on a subscription to RoboKiller spam call and text blocker. It’s a proven solution to a modern problem. A three-year subscription to RoboKiller typically costs $119, but is available for just $49.99 during this New Year’s special.

Turn the tables on annoying spam callers with nearly half off RoboKiller


Scammers beware this spam killing app.
Fight back against spammers and scammers for less than $1 a week.
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Spam calls and texts are beyond annoying. Sometimes you’re anything like us, it feels like half the time your phone rings, it’s a robot asking about your car’s extended warranty. Of course, you could block the number, but that doesn’t help when spammers trick your phone into displaying a fake number.

You can fight back against spam callers, though. If you want an all-in-one solution to spam calls and texts, you need RoboKiller. And right now, you can get a one-year subscription for $19.99, two years for $39.99 or three for $59.99.

The only question is, how long do you want to keep the spammers at bay?

Block 99% of spam calls and messages with this helpful app


RoboKiller will block 99% of your spam calls and messages
RoboKiller stops spammers in their tracks.
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We’ve all been bothered at untimely moments by spam calls and texts. Short of getting a second phone with an alternate contact number, there is actually a way to prevent those pesky calls that interrupt you, your workflow and your relaxation time. This discounted two-year subscription to RoboKiller Spam Call & Text Blocker will eliminate 99% of spam calls, so you only get the phone calls you want (without needing to manually screen anything).

iPhone will soon protect you from endless spam calls


Spam call
With iOS 13, calls like these can go straight to voicemail.
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Billions of spam calls were made last year, but Apple is doing what it can to save us from the frustration of robocalls. iOS 13 will let users automatically send incoming calls to voicemail if they came from someone unknown. And this system is actually smarter than just checking the user’s phone book.

Here’s how crazy spam calls went in 2018


Incoming Scam Phone Call
Spam and Robocalls are out of control and must be stopped!
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It feels like spam calls have gotten out of control lately. With more calls resulting in sales pitches and attempts to scam you, people are answering their phones less and less.

A new report from call identification and blocking company Hiya shows just how bad these spam calls have gotten.