Celebrate Felix Baumgartner’s Incredible Space Jump With This iPhone 5 Wallpaper [Image]



Felix Baumgartner is a total bad ass. Like, the dude has got the testicular fortitude of Hercules. Not only did he jump out of a capsule from the edge of space, but he also broke the sound barrier without any propulsion assistance, and he uses a Mac.

To celebrate Felix’s amazing accomplishment you can decorate your iPhone 5 with this breathtaking wallpaper that was captured moments before Baumgartner jumped. Download it here.

Source: Reddit

The Man Who Fell From Space Yesterday Used A MacBook In Mission Control



Yesterday, sky adventurer Felix Baumgartner hurled himself out of a 30 million cubic foot helium balloon hovering at the edge of outer space and fell 24 miles down to the earth, making him the first human outside of a vehicle to break the sound barrier. What else is there to say except the man has balls of steel?

Well, maybe this: Felix Baumgartner uses a MacBook. And like everything else he does, he does it like a boss.