The TOCCs Car Music System: Bump Your Favorite Music Without A Hitch [Deals]



Next time you hit the road, this Cult of Mac Deals promotion will help you bump your favorite tunes with ease.

The TOCCs Car Music System solves your boring over played radio experience and gives you the ability to play all your best tunes as loud as you want with no static interference. And you can get it for only $27.99 during this limited time offer.

Tune In With One Year Of Ad-Free Music With Grooveshark [Deals]


CoM - Grooveshark

Nothing gets us through a day at the office quite like some brand-spankin’ new music. And Grooveshark is one of the best places to discover what’s on the cutting edge.

Cult of Mac Deals has teamed up with Grooveshark to bring you a premium one-year subscription to Grooveshark Anywhere. This gives you unlimited commercial-free streaming of their on-demand music service on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers. Enjoy over 15 million tunes, easy music curation, and online radio from the largest community of music lovers on the web. And do so for 50% off the regular price – just $49.

Convert Sound Files Easily With Built In Tools [OS X Tips]


AIFF Encoding

Audiophiles love their audio files. Many Mac users swear by the AIFF format (Audio Interchange File Format), which was jointly developed by Apple and Electronic Arts back in the late 80s, according to Wikipedia. This uncompressed audio format sounds great, but the resulting file sizes are huge. To change it to a smaller format like MP4 used to require a trip into an audio editing program like GarageBand, Audacity, or even iTunes. For those among us who want an even simpler way, here’s today’s tip.