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deCarta Announces Third Generation Mapping API For Mobile



When it comes to using mapping APIs on mobile, it’s hard to think about any name other than Google Maps. However, the truth is that Google Maps doesn’t fit the needs of every developer and/or company. Thankfully we live in a country that allows competition and choice (even though large companies continually try to squash it). There is, in fact, a broad number of mapping solutions available to developers, and with Apple and others recently abandoning Google Maps, we’ve seen a spark of interest in these alternatives. One that’s been working hard to provide a viable option to its customers is deCarta.

Google’s New Voice Search Versus Apple’s Siri



When Google announced Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), they showed off the new voice actions as well as search cards. Naturally, everyone soon became curious about how the new voice actions compared to its Apple competitor and voice assistant Siri. While most Androidians didn’t have a spare iPhone 4S on hand, one blogger for TechnoBuffalo did, and was kind enough to put them to the test.

Samsung Offering Free App To Help iOS Users Transfer Their Content Over To A Galaxy Device



It’s no secret, Samsung has been crawling under Apple’s skin for quite some time. Now, with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung wants iPhone users to know they can make the switch effortlessly thanks to a free app they’re making available to UK Galaxy devices. The app is called Easy Phone Sync, from developer Media Mushroom, and promises to makes transferring your iOS content over to your new Galaxy device a breeze.

Look Who’s Talking: LG Announces Its Own Voice Assistant Competitor Quick Voice



Thanks to Apple, every manufacturer now feels like they need their own voice assistant and so begins the borderline mental illness campaign of conversing with your phone. Samsung announced their own version S-Voice, which is launching with the new Samsung Galaxy S III in a couple of days. Now, LG has decided to jump on the voice wagon by announcing their own voice assistant service Quick Voice.

Google+ Integration Coming To Flipboard Thanks To Partnership With Google



Google’s VP of Product Management, Bradley Horowitz, announced that Google has partnered with Flipboard to integrate Google+ streams into the popular magazine-styled reader. Google+ will join Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and a host of other social services available on Flipboard thanks to new extended APIs. This new integration is a great step forward for users, especially those who enjoy accessing all of their social content from a single app such as Flipboard.

Google Acquires Mobile Office Solution Quickoffice



Google has announced its acquisition of leading mobile office solution Quickoffice. Quickoffice has proved to be one of the most powerful mobile office suites available and has shared success across multiple mobile platforms including Android and iOS. It’s tough to tell what Google has planned for the office suite but we’re sure it involves Google Docs, Google Drive, and a host of other productivity apps.

There’s no telling what the future will hold for the Quickoffice suite currently on iOS, as well as platforms other than Android — but one has to wonder: will Google simply kill them off or keep them after they integrate its features into their own apps? Details are bit scarce at this point but we’ll keep you updated.

Looks like Google is on another acquisition kick, as they’ve been scooping up companies left and right over the past month. We certainly welcome this latest addition and look forward to the Quickoffice integration.

Source: Google Blog

Google Updates Chrome To Include Tab Syncing Across Multiple Devices



Google’s latest Stable release of Chrome now includes the ability to sync tabs across multiple devices. As long as you are signed into Chrome, you’ll now have the ability to take your tabs with you when switching between work, home, mobile (with Chrome for Android beta), etc. Accessing them is quick and easy thanks to the new “Other devices” menu located on the New Tab page, and even the back and forward buttons will work, allowing you to pick up browsing right where you left off.

Nationwide Wireless Emergency Text Alert System Launching This Month



The federal government along with U.S. wireless providers will be rolling out a new Emergency Text Alert System this month. The service will be free and will provide geographically targeted wireless emergency alerts for life-threatening events such as: tornadoes, flash floods, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, dust storms, extreme winds, blizzards and ice storms. The text alerts will be brief and will inform consumers to seek additional information or immediately seek shelter if necessary. You may have experienced such alerts via third party weather application or private services but this will be the first national service by the federal government and the wireless industry.

VeriFone Hopes To SAIL Past Square With Latest Credit Card Reader



It looks like Square has yet another competitor in the mobile payments arena. Global payment leader VeriFone has announced SAIL, a credit card reader much like Square’s, that will attach to a number of mobile devices. While VeriFone may have a little catching up to do, they have the advantage of an extensive network with a commanding percentage of retail transactions passing through their service.

The Reason Why iPhone Prototypes Get Left At The Bar [Humor]



When it comes to our mobile devices and the operating systems we use, we can sometimes be a bit defensive and downright vile. We’re usually quick to make a joke or two at the expense of one another, but in the end, we’re all human, and most of us are surprisingly close friends who frequently kick back and enjoy a cold beer together (even if some of us accidentally leave our prototypes behind). That’s why this next invention will have tech-loving beer connoisseurs foaming at the mouth (literally).