CaliCase with lanyard
Every CaliCase comes with a lanyard to keep it safely on your person.
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Apple Watch can now track snowboarding and skiing activities


The Apple Watch is an incredibly versatile fitness tracker.
Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch continues its mission to become the most versatile fitness trackers around, with Apple today introducing the ability for Apple Watch Series 3 wearers to track detailed information about both snowboarding and skiing runs.

Skiers and snowboarders running watchOS 4.2 can now use their Apple wearable to measure these activities, via new updates to apps available in the App Store. Users can record runs, see vertical descent and other stats, and contribute active calorie measurements directly to the Apple Watch Activity app.

These high-tech ski gloves will keep your fingers cozy


With the Lithic ski gloves from Arc'teryx, there's no need to sacrifice dexterity for warmth.
With the Lithic ski gloves from Arc'teryx, there's no need to sacrifice dexterity for warmth.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Best List: Lithic ski gloves by Arc’teryx

It is hard to write an unbiased review about some of the greatest ski gloves I have ever pulled on.

The Arc’teryx Lithic gloves skip leather in the palm and instead use thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU. Its hydrophobic properties keep the gloves from taking on moisture, which in turn keeps your hands from getting cold.

iShred With This iPad Turned Snowboard Designed In Tribute To Steve Jobs [Video]



As a tribute to Steve Jobs, the guys over at Signal Snowboards decided to make a plank that was totally infused with the spirit of Apple design.

The result? A snowboard milled from a block of aluminum with a glowing, Apple-like logo and a built-in 3G iPad 2.

The verdict? Not exactly a great plank for maneuverability, but I’m just impressed they didn’t crack that iPad into a million pieces after their first trick./