Crazy invention snoozes iPhone in the most ridiculous way possible


Crazy invention snoozes an iPhone in the most ridiculous way possible
Snoozing an iPhone alarm isn't usually this complicated.
Photo: Joseph's Machines/Casetify

To snooze a wake-up alarm on your iPhone, you can tap the screen or press any button. Or you might build an elaborate mechanism that spans most of your bedroom and sends the handset on a wild adventure. That’s what one inventor recently did.

The Rube Goldberg device is the creation of Joseph Herscher, who makes them for a living.

How to snooze your email with Fastmail


fastmail snooze
Snooze those emails.
Photo: Mpho Mojapel/Unsplash

This week, email service Fastmail added snooze to its web and iOS apps. You can now click on a button inside any email in your inbox, and make it disappear until you’re ready to deal with it.

Got a late-Friday-afternoon work email from your boss, and don’t want to see it every time you check your mail over the weekend? Worried that you’ll get so used to ignoring those great tips for your vacation that you will forget about them when you actually go away? Do you already use your email inbox as a de-facto to-do list, and would love more control?

Then Fastmail’s snooze is for you. Let’s see how it works.

Gmail is getting a big redesign on Android and iOS


Gmail redesign Android iOS
Meet the new Gmail for mobile.
Photo: Google

Google’s official Gmail app is getting a fancy new redesign on Android and iOS.

The fresh lick of paint won’t just make Gmail look better; it will also come with new features and tweaks that will make it quicker and easier to use, as well as phishing alerts for dodgy emails.

Change Snooze Timing And Logic In Mailbox For iPhone [iOS Tips]


Mailbox Snoozes

Mailbox for iPhone is revolutionary, sure, and it lets you “snooze” your emails to a point later in the day, week, or month. But what if you don’t like the way it does that?

By default, Mailbox defines the start of your day as 6 am, the start of your weekend as 10 am, and the end of your workday as 6 pm. It defines Later Today as +4 hours, and Someday as +3 months.

If that doesn’t fit your individual schedule or tastes, here’s how to change it.