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This smartwatch might save your grandparent’s life


This discounted smart watch is also a first-rate medical alert.
This wearable combines typical smartwatch features with advanced medical alerts.
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The LutiBand is a next-gen medical alert device as well as a great smartwatch. Its combination of advanced security features and precise biometric readings make this a fantastic wearable for you or a loved one.

For a limited time, the LutiBand Smartwatch is on sale for $99.99 (regularly $169).

This $50 smartwatch is a solid Apple Watch alternative


This smartwatch isn't second best.
This $49.99 smartwatch is packed with features.
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A smartwatch doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag. While it might not boast all the advanced features of the latest Apple Watch Series 7, the ChronoWatch C-Max Call Time smartwatch gets the job done just fine. And it’s definitely a bargain when you consider the Series 7’s starting price of $399.

This affordable smartwatch comes with many common features related to health, fitness, productivity and entertainment. It works with iPhones as well as Android devices. And it’s on sale for just $49.99 (regularly $159).

Withings smartwatch sports long battery life and Apple Health integration


The Withings ScanWatch Horizon looks like a classic dive watch but it's quite tech-savvy.
The Withings ScanWatch Horizon looks like a classic dive watch but it's quite tech-savvy.
Photo: Withings

Withings, maker of health devices and smartwatches, launched its new ScanWatch Horizon wearable on Tuesday. It looks like a classic dive watch but packs modern health and activity tracking, 30-day battery life and Apple Health integration.

It’s not cheap, but there are reasons for that.

This Apple Watch alternative just dropped its price


This Apple Watch alternative looks great and costs less.
Get the job done for less.
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Apple Watches are great, but they aren’t the only smartwatches that get the job done and look good. For a limited time, you can get a far less expensive smartwatch that still puts a ton of functionality on your wrist.

The C-Max Chrono-Max Smartwatch is a fine Apple Watch alternative, available in four different colors. And its price just dropped all the way down to $49.99 (regularly $219). That’s a deal you should watch out for.

Take control of your health with this smartwatch with built-in Bluetooth earbuds


Get more than half off this Apple Watch alternative packed with useful features. 
This great Apple Watch alternative is on sale for less than half its normal price.
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A smartwatch is your go-to fitness gadget. And you can enjoy some great everyday wellness benefits without an Apple Watch-size price tag, thanks to the great range of third-party smartwatches on the market right now.

One of the best? This X6 2-in-1 Smart Watch with Bluetooth Earbuds, which you can grab with a 52% discount right now for just $95.99 (regular price $201).

Boost your health with 4 deals on fitness-tracking smartwatches


Improve your fitness with this sleek smartwatch.
Track your New Year's resolutions with ones of these affordable smartwatches.
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The most common New Year’s resolution is (you guessed it) to exercise more to improve health and fitness. If that’s your goal for 2022, you’ll have a lot more luck sticking to your resolutions by using a fitness-tracking smartwatch as your accountability buddy.

The Apple Watch is our go-to smartwatch, of course. But if you don’t want to spend hundreds getting into the game, these stylish smartwatches will give you a clear picture of your lifestyle and activities at a glance.

Get a 12-function smartwatch for just $48 (78% off)


Save 20% off this 12-feature smartwatch for Black Friday.
Leverage this 12-feature smartwatch and save 20% this Black Friday weekend.
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If you’re looking for a sleek, high-tech smartwatch to keep you connected to messages, fitness metrics, health vitals and more on the go (and you don’t want the classic Apple Watch), look no further than this C-Max Chrono-Max Smartwatch.

While the latest Apple Watch starts at $399, this sleek smartwatch easily helps you stay as connected — and only costs a fraction of the price. Plus, with Black Friday coupon code BFSAVE20, you can save an extra 20% off.

Get this top-rated Apple Watch alternative on sale for less than $34 


Top-rated smartwatch on sale: Transform your daily fitness with this affordable Apple Watch alternative.
Transform your daily fitness with this affordable Apple Watch alternative.
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We love Apple devices. But that also means we’re not always on the hunt for excellent Apple product alternatives. One of the latest we’ve found is the Smart Fit Total Wellness and Sports Activity Watch. And right now, it is in the Cult of Mac Store’s VIP Sale.

For a limited time only,  just enter the code VIP15 at checkout to get an extra 15% off this fitness-focused smartwatch, making it just $33.99 (regularly $149).

Get in your best shape with this blood oxygen-level-monitoring smartwatch


Gain deep insights into your health with this smartwatch.
This smartwatch monitors your blood-oxygen levels (and costs much less than an Apple Watch).
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The Letsfit IW2 LCD smartwatch costs just a fraction of an Apple Watch, but it’s an innovative all-in-one solution for your fitness and your health. While your beloved Apple Watch can do it all, fitness trackers like this one earned a reputation for a more singular focus. They can deliver insights specifically related to your health and fitness. And some pack other features Apple Watch doesn’t.

Meet all your smartwatch needs with this incredible, low-priced watch


This fitness-oriented smartwatch packs 15-high tech functions.
Photo: Ineedmeone

These days, a high-end timepiece is more a fashion statement than anything else. The fact that a traditional watch only tells time doesn’t seem as impressive when stacked up against smartwatches, which can monitor health, set reminders and connect you to the world with calls and messages.

There are plenty of Apple Watch alternatives that look like but cost less than Cupertino’s killer wearable. If you want an affordable device dedicated to health monitoring, look no further than this 1.3-inch color screen smartwatch from Ineedmeone. For a limited time, this functional, fashionable take on the smartwatch costs only $36.95.