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Meet all your smartwatch needs with this incredible, low-priced watch


This fitness-oriented smartwatch packs 15-high tech functions.
Photo: Ineedmeone

These days, a high-end timepiece is more a fashion statement than anything else. The fact that a traditional watch only tells time doesn’t seem as impressive when stacked up against smartwatches, which can monitor health, set reminders and connect you to the world with calls and messages.

There are plenty of Apple Watch alternatives that look like but cost less than Cupertino’s killer wearable. If you want an affordable device dedicated to health monitoring, look no further than this 1.3-inch color screen smartwatch from Ineedmeone. For a limited time, this functional, fashionable take on the smartwatch costs only $36.95.

Control music, texts and more with this awesome smartwatch, on sale for $60


This amazing smartwatch is a solid Apple Watch alternative.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We’re big fans of the Apple Watch, but great smartwatches don’t have to cost a small fortune. Case in point: The C-Max Chrono-Max Smartwatch, which is on sale today for just $59.99. That’s a 72% discount off the regular price of $219.

Boasting a dozen different features, all displayed on a lush, full-color, 1.69-inch touchscreen display, the C-Max Chrono-Max means you’ll never miss a call, chat or text again, as you’ll receive an alert right to your watch for each through useful push notifications.

Get all the bells and whistles of a smartwatch with this $30 alternative


This smartwatch is a great alternative to Apple Watch.
Photo: 116plus

Want to make your life easier this summer? Smartwatches are a great way to enhance your daily routine, saving you time and offering convenience right on your wrist. But not everyone has enough room in their budget for a costly Apple Watch.

If you’ve been hoping to simplify things and embrace the ease of having technology just a tap away, the 116plus Smart Wristband gives you all the perks of a smartwatch for a fraction of the price. In fact, it’s available in five cool colors — blueredblackgreen and purple — right now for just $29.99.

Snag this Apple Watch alternative for just $32.99


It even looks like an Apple Watch ...
Photo: ChronoWatch

Slapping a smartwatch on your wrist has long been a luxury with a major payoff. It’s convenient to manage your day from your watch. Using an Apple Watch can allow you to step away from your iPhone or Mac while remaining in touch via notifications and other smart features.

However, smartwatches can also be quite expensive. The most-affordable Apple Watch costs $199, and higher-end models go for hundreds of dollars more. But for a limited time, you can score an Apple Watch alternative called the ChronoWatch for just $32.97. It’s an affordable wearable that offers many of the benefits of top smartwatches. (Typically listed at $199, the ChronoWatch will still be a bargain at $39.99 if you miss this exceptional price drop.

$40 fitness watch offers 15 different health-tracking features


fitness watch
This robust fitness watch is an affordable Apple Watch alternative.
Photo: Smart Fit

If there’s one thing you should get a handle on, it’s your overall wellness. An Apple Watch works great for that, but you don’t necessarily need to spend the same amount of cash to get a robust fitness tracker. The Smart Fit Multi-Functional Wellness & Fitness Watch offers 15 high-tech features to help you monitor stats that will help you meet your fitness goals.

Ring in the new year with 20% off this high-tech smartwatch


The ChronoWatch Will help with workouts of all kind to get your 2021 off to a Great Start
The ChronoWatch will help with workouts of all kinds to get your 2021 off to a great start.
Photo: ChronoWatch

Getting a smartwatch is a smart decision, but it can also be a costly one.

With luxury models like Apple Watch Series 6 running hundreds of dollars, it might make more sense to invest in a high-tech watch that’s on sale for the holidays, like the ChronoWatch Multi-Function Smart Watch. You can snag this impressively intelligent device for just $31.99 with the 20% off code HOLIDAY20.

Why Apple Watch Series 5 is a welcome surprise


Apple Watch Series 5 adds an always-on display. Just what I always wanted.
Always-on display. Just what I always wanted
Photo: Apple

I wasn’t expecting much from the Apple Watch Series 5 refresh. The rumor mill only predicted new ceramic and titanium finishes, plus maybe sleep tracking. That was all for this year.

But it turns out Apple had three big surprises hidden up its sleeves — new features that look set to make Apple Watch Series 5 the best smartwatch money can buy.

Samsung steps up fitness game with two new wearables


While Galaxy Watch Active functions more like Apple Watch, Galaxy Fit looks more like a straight-up fitness tracker.
While Galaxy Watch Active functions more like Apple Watch, Galaxy Fit looks more like a straight-up fitness tracker.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung really wants to compete with Apple Watch on the fitness front, as shown by a pair of new wearables the Korean company unveiled Wednesday. The Galaxy Watch Active offers a “full smartwatch experience,” the company said, while the Galaxy Fit works more like a stripped-down fitness tracker.

Framing both new devices as essential for health in the modern world, Samsung ripped a page from Cupertino’s successful health-centric marketing of Apple Watch. But it also dunked on Cupertino with some features that will make Apple Watch owners drool.

Apple Watch wearer saved by fall detection in Norway


fall detection
The fall detection feature in Apple Watch Series 4 can distinguish between a fall, a trip and a slip.
Photo: Apple

The ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4 has made a lot of news for alerting some wearers to potentially fatal heart problems.

Now, the watch’s fall detection feature grabs its own hero headline.

A 67-year-old man in Norway was home alone when he fainted and suffered a hard fall in his bathroom that left him unconscious. There, he might have stayed had the Series 4 watch he was wearing not sent alerts to first responders.

Lower price is most popular Apple Watch feature


Series 3 price
The 40mm Series 4 Apple Watch compared to the 42mm Series 3 Apple Watch.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Apple continues to put more of its smartwatches on the wrists of customers thanks largely these days to a reduced price on its Series 3 model.

Apple sold more than 4 million Apple Watches in the third quarter, a 54 percent increase in year-over-year growth.