iPhone 11 threatens to steal Samsung’s smartphone crown


iPhone 11 has been good for business.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone may always be No. 1 in the minds and hearts of its users. Samsung, though, always had the shipment numbers to claim its smartphones made it the world’s best-selling brand.

Then the iPhone 11 lineup showed up. Now market research shows Apple has currently surpassed Samsung or, at the very least, is tied as the smartphone brand king.

5G might spark turnaround in smartphone sales


Good job, Tim! The iPhone 11 event got our heads spinning.
The iPhone 11 Pro could get upstaged by a 5G version.
Photo: Apple

That sluggish smartphone market we often write about could recover lost ground this year, with high-speed 5G networking driving upgrades.

This prediction, if true, might be the tea leaves Apple is banking on as it prepares a new lineup of iPhones featuring the much-anticipated next-gen wireless tech.