Samsung eyes camera company that sued Apple


The rear-facing dual-cameras of the iPhone X.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Samsung is reportedly close to completing a deal to buy an Israeli optics company accusing Apple of stealing its patented dual-camera technology.

CorePhotonics most recently developed a periscope camera module with 5x telephoto for the Chinese smartphone maker Oppo.

72-hour sale features great gear for iPhone photographers


Moment sale
All the items you need to make that iPhone video masterpiece can be found at one sale through Thursday.
Photo: Moment

Smartphone lens maker Moment is hosting a 72-hour sale with 150 accessories from 14 brands, a one-stop-shop if you’re looking for a special gift for your favorite mobile photographer.

You can even book a trip to places like Japan, Norway, and Kyrgyzstan.

All items, including Moment lenses, camera bags from leading brands and steady rigs for video shooters, are 20 percent off with the code 72hoursale. The Moment sale began this morning for Cyber Monday and ends Thursday at 8 a.m.

Brass grip gives iPhone camera feel and control of a DSLR


Pictar Pro
Get a grip on your iPhone when shooting pictures or video with the Pictar Pro
Photo: miggö

Each new iPhone and its ever-improving camera tends to stir up talk about the demise of the DSLR.

Yet, there are just some key features of a conventional camera’s form factor that relegates the iPhone to the casual camera category.

But the photography accessories company miggö has developed – and now improved – a nifty attachment dubbed Pictar tp bring DSLR-like speed and ergonomics to the iPhone.

Oscar-nominated filmmaker says smartphone killed photography


Wim Wenders
Wim Wenders wants to find a new term for the type of photography done with an iPhone.
Photo: BBC

So many people are taking so many pictures thanks to the iPhone. And yet, renowned filmmaker and photographer Wim Wenders says photography is “more dead than ever.”

“The trouble with iPhone pictures is nobody sees them,” Wenders said in a recent BBC video interview during an exhibit of his Polaroid photos. “Even the people who take them don’t look at them anymore, and they certainly don’t make prints.”

Waiting for a triple-lens iPhone? This smartphone reportedly packs 9.


multi-camera smartphones
Take a picture or nine with this smartphone prototype from Light.
Photo: Light via Photo Rumors

An iPhone with a third lens is in the pipeline, rumor has it. But why just three, when you can have a smartphone with nine lenses?

Light, maker of a futuristic camera with 16 lenses, reportedly plans to introduce a smartphone with five to nine lenses by the end of 2018.

This publisher will help you turn your iPhone photos into a fine art book


Mobile photography meets the mobile photo book with an on-demand service by publishing house Out of the Phone.
Mobile photography meets the mobile photo book with an on-demand service by publishing house Out of the Phone.
Photo: Out of the Phone

Publisher Pierre Le Govic turned his mission into the company name. Out of the Phone seeks to liberate the beautiful photographs being made today by smartphones.

His Paris publishing house has produced coffee table-worthy books of some of the best photographers documenting the world with their phones. Now Out of the Phone wants to make it easy for everyone to preserve their work with a tangible book.

Why you shouldn’t place all your trust in iPhone camera tests


Two cameras that excited the world about photography, the iPhone and the Kodak Brownie.
Two cameras that excited the world about photography, the iPhone and the Kodak Brownie.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Miroslav Tichy roamed the streets of his Czech Republic town with a camera made of plywood, a cardboard tube and a plexiglass lens he polished with toothpaste and cigarette ashes. His crude, distorted photographs now hang in museums around the world.

So don’t worry if the camera on that iPhone 7 you just purchased doesn’t score high in some laboratory test that pits its image quality against other cameras.

This smartphone case will print out your snapshots


The Prynt Case has a built-in photo printer.
The Prynt Case has a built-in photo printer.
Photo: Prynt

The early pioneers of photography, the ones who nearly choked to death inhaling toxic chemicals needed for making prints, would probably faint if they could see there is a smartphone case with a built-in photo printer.

The Prynt Case, a smash hit on Kickstarter earlier this year, is now shipping to the nearly 9,000 people who backed the campaign. For the rest of us, the campaign raised enough money for a huge production run to make it available for order in time for Christmas.

Tiny ring light does more than make your selfies shine


The SELFLASH is essential for selfies plus a whole lot more.
The SELFLASH is essential for selfies plus a whole lot more.

Tech accessories tend to solve a single problem really well. The SELFLASH, a small ring light you attach to your smartphone for selfies, is not just around to make you look pretty.

In offering a flattering wink of light in a variety of colors and intensities, the SELFLASH also provides up to 128 GB of storage for file transfers, can serve as a backup battery for your phone and has a Bluetooth tracker. Not satisfied with your smartphone’s camera? A pro model of the SELFLASH also comes with a 15.1-megapixel camera.