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Travel in style with this Kickstarter-funded carry-on for 45% off


Genius Pack Supercharged Carry On
The maker of this luggage thought of everything.
Photo: StackCommerce

Traveling can be stressful enough as it is — and the last thing you want is your luggage to be the factor that makes your plans go awry. While this Genius Pack Supercharged Carry On won’t necessarily prevent missed flights or long layovers, it can certainly help you get smoothly from point A to point B. Plus, it includes two external USB ports so you can keep your iPhone or iPad charged on the go.

This rolling luggage keeps tech travelers plugged in


The iQ bag includes a router to give the traveler a Wi-Fi hotspot.
The iQ bag includes a router to give the traveler a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Photo: Andiamo

The tools inside the business traveler’s carry-on luggage have changed. The luggage itself has not.

Two companies are hoping to take off through crowd-funding with modern roller bags that fit all the essentials and charge your devices. One even has a router to give you a Wi-Fi hotspot where ever you land.

Indestructible iPhone 6 display, ‘smart’ luggage and the rest of this week’s hottest news



With the iPhone 6, the long-rumored iWatch and possibly a revamped Apple TV expected to be released this year, it’s safe to say Apple is hard at work. As the talk heats up regarding these new products, rumors and leaks spill into the mainstream, making it hard to keep up with it all.

Watch today’s Cult of Mac news roundup to hear all the latest news and rumors about Apple’s product pipeline. Catch the rundown for details on endurance-testing a sapphire display that’s supposedly for an iPhone 6, smart sweat sensors that might get added to the iWatch and the rest of this week’s big stories.

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